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Understanding Your Dog’s Body Language

Every dog owner at least once has wondered what would their dogs say if they could talk. Unfortunately, even though scientists have already started working on dog talk technologies, we're still very far from understanding our pets. The good news is that over the years, dog experts have observed and managed to structure a system of understanding your dog through their body language.

Dogs cannot use words, but what they can and do use is their bodies: tail, ears, eyes, tongue, and general movement. Because dogs aren't on the same level of intelligence as humans are, all of their expressions are honest and straightforward, thereby making them much easier to decode.

Any little detail of your pooch's body language can give you a hint about how your dog feels or what your dog wants. Understanding these signals is important, and will ultimately lead to a better relationship with your dog. This practice will also help to care for your dog, and possibly even save their life one day. Below is a very convenient infographic that will help you to quickly understand your dog's body language.

Decoding Your Dog: What Fido is Trying to Tell You

Understanding Your Dog's Body Language Infographic
Infographic was made and provided by Havahart Wireless.