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Pedigree Launches Meatier Dry Dog Food Recipe

Pedigree Launches Meatier Dry Dog Food Recipe
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Pedigree is already well-known for their dog food recipes, but now they’ve come up with a new meatier recipe for their dry kibble to provide pet owners and their canines with the variety that they are looking for. Pedigree says that the new recipe increases the palatability of the food by delivering twice the amount of meaty flavor as the old recipe.

The new recipe also features increased protein content, accents of vegetables, and whole grains in order to deliver a diverse flavor that dogs will enjoy. It comes in ten different blends to accommodate the needs of puppies, adult dogs, small breeds, and large breeds. There are formulas to promote healthy joints, longevity, and active lifestyles.

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The pet food giant partnered with the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition to come up with the new recipe. The Waltham Centre identified and researched the four needs of all dogs: oral care, skin and coat, immunity, and digestion. They studied the requirements of dogs of different breeds, life stages, and sizes in their research.

Pedigree Launches Meatier Dry Dog Food Recipe
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Pedigree says that the Waltham Centre identified how they could best deliver the nutritional benefits that would address those four requirements, and that is what went in to making their new dry dog food recipe. All the formulas include leading levels of Linoleic Acid and Zinc, which Pedigree says have been identified as the two most important nutrients for helping dogs maintain a healthy coat and skin.

Several of the recipes also include Pedigree’s patented Oral Care kibble which provides oral health benefits by promoting chewing and a mechanical cleaning action that helps to reduce the tartar and plaque buildup on your dog’s teeth. The oral health emphasis in the puppy formula is focused on optimizing calcium and phosphorus to promote healthy tooth development.

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All of the new dry recipe formulas are highly digestible and have a better-quality blend of fiber than the previous recipe for optimum stool quality. This blend of fiber also leads to better overall digestive health, less waste, and optimal nutrient absorption.

The new recipe also includes the addition of key antioxidants Vitamin E and C. The supplementation of these vitamins together fosters a stronger immune system and helps protect all the cells in your dog’s body.  The company says that this was proven by research done at the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition.

This new Pedigree formula is already available on pet store shelves and is suitable for all breeds. The Pedigree brand is owned by Mars Petcare.

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