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Pedigree Is Being Slammed By Complaints of Wire Found in Dog Food

Pedigree Is Being Slammed By Complaints of Wire Found in Dog Food
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We covered a news story at the beginning of July about consumers who were worried about prickly fibers showing up in Pedigree dog treats. Now the company is being bombarded with claims from pet parents who are convinced that wire is showing up in numerous Pedigree dog food formulas as well. Consumers around the country have been plastering social media with photos showing what could be small wires sticking out of Pedigree kibble.

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The reports began in Ohio and Texas and have quickly grown from there. Pedigree has responded with the same information that they gave when the claims were made about their dog treats. They say that the particles are just fibers from meat and bone meal, but dog owners aren’t convinced. Concerns have even begun to spread to other brands like Iams and Purina.

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It all started when Missie Carter of Columbus, Ohio posted a comment on a local news station’s website next to a photo that showed what appears to be a small wire in her dog’s food. She claims that her dog had not been feeling well and had stopped eating so she decided to check her Pedigree kibble. That’s when she found the alleged wire. She said she also found more throughout the bag of food.

Pedigree Is Being Slammed By Complaints of Wire Found in Dog Food
Photo: @Lynnsey5

Pedigree’s Facebook page has been blasted with comments from angry owners. Many are saying that they will never buy their dog food again and will spread the word to everyone they know. Marilyn Roach Allen left a comment saying that the wire she found in her dog’s kibble was sharp and stiff, and she believes it could do serious damage to the stomach or intestines of a canine. The comment also stated that there was no way she could believe that it was just a fiber.

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Still, some consumers are saying that they agree with Pedigree and can tell that the fibers are just pig hair, which can be thick and wiry. It has not yet been confirmed whether this is true or not. The company has responded to the public on their Facebook page and on their website saying the fibers are normal and the dog food is 100% safe for canine consumption.

Pedigree is urging concerned dog owners to call 1-800-525-5273 with their concerns, or to send them a private message on Facebook. They have representatives that will explain the situation at hand and clarify what the fibers are.

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