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A Pet Business That Focuses on Pet’s Best Interests

A Pet Business That Focuses on Pet's Best Interests
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It’s common knowledge that most business owners are out to make a dollar, but in Wichita Falls, Texas there is a pet store owner that wants a lot more than just money. Richard Philpott, owner of Wichita Pet Supply, would rather give out sound advice than sell customers a product that they didn’t really need.

Philpott and his business partner, Erica Nuncio, make a point of creating friendships in the pet world through gentle guidance and healthy, nutritious pet food. Even if it means missing a sale, the pair would rather give a pet owner advice that will make their dogs healthier and their lives happier rather than sell them treats or pet products that they don’t need and aren’t healthy for their animal.

For this reason, Wichita Pet Supply’s business has been steadily growing over the past four years, even though it is in an area inundated with large chain pet stores and big-box department stores. The simple sign and lofty location certainly aren’t anything special, but the top quality products and stellar customer service bring their loyal customers back time and time again.

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Philpott and Nuncio only sell wholesome pet foods that were developed in Texas, and every sale comes with sound advice and a warm smile. In fact, Philpott says that he would rather try to help a dog with a sensitive tummy or allergy issues than he would close a sale.

A Pet Business That Focuses on Pet's Best Interests
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Philpott has been in the pet product business for 25 years and he says the reason that Wichita Pet Supply can compete so well with the box stores is because they aren’t trying to compete at all. It’s not about providing the newest products or what is in style at the moment; for them it is about providing quality products.

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The store’s leading brands include Victor, which is made in Mount Pleasant, Canidae, which is produced in Brownwood, and Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul, which is considered one of the freshest pet foods on the market. They stock about 75 different food variations for cats and dogs and also sell products like toys, treats, and kennels.

Philpott says that in each of the store’s first three years sales have grown by about 33%, and last year they grew by nearly 40%. By taking time to listen to their customers, answer questions, and show that they genuinely care about the pets that eat their food and use their products, Nuncio and Philpott have built a very loyal customer base.

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