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Review: Pet Gear Free Standing Pet Stairs

Finding pet stairs that can support the weight of large and extra-large dogs can be a challenge. While many models claim to support upwards of 100 pounds, the stairs are not built with large pets in mind. The Pet Gear Free Standing Pet Stairs are made with extra-large steps that are wide enough for even the biggest canine.

Are you aware of the long-term dangers of a dog jumping up and down from high places? Every time your dog jumps, the force of his entire body weight lands on his paws, legs, and joints. In fact, studies have found that jumping and climbing will result in joint health issues and arthritis in dogs over time.

Pet Gear Free Standing Pet Ramp for Cats and Dogs, No Assembly Required, Easy Fold for Storage or Travel, Portable, Available in 6 Models If your dog is jumping on and off your bed or couch every day – or worse, multiple times every day – it will take a toll on his joints over the years. You may not notice it much when he's younger, but as he ages, this stress on his joints will catch up to him.

Pet owners should not wait until they notice joint trouble before investing in a set of pet stairs for their dogs. If you have a large or extra-large dog, it may be hard to find just the right set of steps for your pet. The Pet Gear Free Standing Pet Stairs are a great option to get your dog in and out of a vehicle, but they may not be the most practical option for use inside your home.

Pet Gear Free Standing Pet Stairs Review

Pet Gear Free Standing Pet Stairs for Dogs ReviewAs you can see in the photo above, these pet stairs are quite large. When set up, they measure 60″L x 23″H x 19″W. This is why I said that they would be great for helping Fido into a high vehicle, but they may not be suitable for use inside your home.

These stairs fold up easily, which you can see in my video review above. When folded, they measure 30″L x 19″ W x 8.5″H. They can easily be stashed in a closet or the back of a vehicle. The dimensions of the stairs themselves are 28″L x 19″ W.

Aside from their large size, the Pet Gear Free Standing Pet Stairs are also quite heavy. They weigh 27.5 pounds, which may be too heavy for some people to carry around. If you're worried about the weight, there are much smaller pet stair models available that weigh less than 10 pounds.

Pet Gear Free Standing Pet Stairs for Dogs ReviewThe one feature that makes these stairs stand out from the crowd is their ability to hold dogs weighing up to 350 pounds!

These stairs can hold me and both of our dogs at the same time. When I stand on them, they don't buckle or wiggle. The Pet Gear Free Standing Pet Stairs are EXTREMELY durable, and I highly recommend them as an option for the largest dog breeds.

You can see the rubberized bottom grippers in my video. They prevent these stairs from sliding around underneath your pet when he's climbing on them. The removable carpet treads also provide traction on the stairs, and they're machine washable for easy cleaning.

I typically prefer to use pet stairs with side rails, which prevent your dog from accidentally stepping over the edge of the stairs. Unfortunately, the Pet Gear Free Standing Pet Stairs don't have this feature. However, the stairs are much wider than most comparable products.

Pet Gear Free Standing Pet Stairs for Dogs ReviewAs you can see in the photo on the right, our Beagle can stand sideways on these stairs. There is plenty of room for an extra-large breed, like a Saint Bernard or Mastiff. My only concern would be energetic pets that are a little clumsy or senior dogs that are a bit unsteady on their feet. If you decide to purchase these pet stairs, just be sure to watch your pup carefully when he climbs them.

These are the largest and most durable pet stairs that I have seen. The folding feature makes them quite convenient despite their heavy weight. While they are one of the highest quality products in their category, the Pet Gear Free Standing Pet Stairs are currently selling for $163.99 on Amazon.

Many pet stair models sell for less than $50, so I know it seems like these are much more expensive than other options you may have looked at. However, when you compare the durability, convenience, and size of these stairs, I believe they are a good value for the money.

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pet-gear-free-standing-pet-stairs-reviewProducts like the Pet Gear Free Standing Pet Stairs allow your dog to climb to higher places instead of jumping. These stairs stand 23 inches tall and can hold dogs weighing up to 350 pounds. Their unique folding design makes them easy to take along in the car or stash in a closet when you're not using them.