Pet Health Trackers Becoming More Popular

Every day, more information on pet health becomes available, and pet lovers are starting to take a big interest. Wearable health trackers have been becoming increasingly popular with humans, and now the trend seems to be growing with dogs as well.

Americans spent almost $60 billion dollars last year on their canine companions, and that number is expected to increase greatly this year with more and more pet technology becoming available everyday. Increased spending means over-pampered pooches, and that's leading to a growing epidemic of overweight dogs.

All you have to do is walk by a dog park and you'll probably see a countless number of pets that could stand to shed a few pounds. Similar to people, diet and exercise are the quickest ways to help your dog slim down, but if you're one of the millions of dog owners who work away from home everyday, your dog may be left alone for 8 hours or more on a regular basis.

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Pet Health Trackers Becoming More Popular

Now, many companies are offering wearable pet trackers that will monitor your pets movement while you're away. These devices gather information including activity level, sleeping patterns, eating patterns, and even scratching patterns and upload the information to the internet.

The wearable trackers attach to your dog's collar and will inform you of their habits and behaviors when you're not at home. They will also track the information and alert you if there is anything that you should be concerned about.

It is becoming more and more popular for pet owners to treat their pets much like they would a child, and this includes monitoring their health and keeping them on track. Obesity can lead to many health issues in dogs and can even cause premature death.

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These trackers meet the needs of many tech savvy pet owners; not just the ones that are concerned about dog obesity. Whether you're just interested in the technology itself, what your dog does all day while you're gone, or you want/need to track your dog's respiratory and heart rate, temperature, or calories burned, there is a health tracker that will do as much or as little as you want. Of course, the prices vary depending on the features that the tracker offers.

Obviously, these trackers won't give dog owners all the health information that they need about their pets, and it is still vital for them to observe their dogs regularly and take them in for periodic vet examinations.

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