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Review: Pet Standards Vitality Organic Hemp Oil for Dogs & Cats


Hemp oil is a great natural pain reliever. While it is a controversial treatment option, many experts in the veterinary field are beginning to recommend this option to their patients. Pet Standards Vitality Organic Hemp Oil is made specifically formulated for dogs with the proper dosage of hemp to help with stress, anxiety, pain, inflammation, and mobility.

In the right doses, hemp oil is 100% safe and very beneficial any dog. Hemp oils, and pet treats made with hemp, serve to calm dogs and relieve any stress, anxiety and/or physical pain they might be experiencing.

Organic hemp oil is not toxic by any means, but overdosing with any natural herb that is meant to affect an animal's serotonin levels can cause serotonin syndrome or other more serious health conditions.

CBD for Dogs

Pet Standards Vitality Organic Hemp Oil for Dogs & Cats

organic hemp oil for dogs & catsIt's definitely a topic that you should research on your own, and you should speak with your veterinarian before including anything new in your dog's diet. If your vet isn't open to the idea, perhaps a chat with your local holistic veterinarian may help. If all else fails, there are numerous holistic vets willing to consult with pet owners online or over the phone.

If you decide that you'd like to try hemp oil with your dog, this broad spectrum oil from Pet Standards contains no THC and is non-GMO. The oil is also gluten-free, vegan and formulated in the USA. I was happy to discover that the hemp used to make this product is organically grown and tested in a 3rd party lab before being bottled.

Adding a hemp oil regiment to your dog's diet can help with pain, bone and joint function, increase your pet's mobility, reduce stress and anxiety, and even help digestive function.

Depending on your pet's size, one bottle of this organic hemp oil will last 15-90 days. The dosage instructions are:

  • ¼ Dropper for pets weighing less than 10 pounds
  • ½ Dropper for pets weighing 10-24 pounds
  • 1 Dropper for pets weighing 25-49 pounds
  • 1 ½ Dropper for pets weighing 50-74 pounds
  • 2 droppers for pets weighing more than 75 pounds

You can purchase a 1-ounce bottle of Pet Standards Vitality Organic Hemp Oil on Amazon for $24.99. It sounds pricey, and the cost will definitely add up quickly if you have a large breed dog. However, the cost is very comparable to other similar products on the market.

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