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Pet Products From Simply Fido Are Certified Organic

Pet Toys From Simply Fido Are Certified Organic
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Most pet owners are aware of the dangers of poor quality dog food and treats. The health risks of giving these products to your dog are scary and they can take years off your pet’s life. But what about the toys and other products that you purchase for your pooch? There are chemicals used to make almost every consumer good these days, and dog products are no exception.

Simply Fido, an organic pet product manufacturer, wants better for our pets. They have set out to provide stimulating toys that will entertain dogs and will also please eco-friendly, health-conscious pet parents. They don’t want to just create playthings for pets; they want to educate pet parents about environmental responsibility and teach them about the things that they should value in the products that they purchase for their families – furry members included.

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Buying organic products helps to keep chemicals out of the water, soil, and air – not to mention out of our bodies, or in this case our dogs’ bodies. According to Simply Fido’s website, one third of the world’s pesticides are used on cotton crops. I was so surprised by that number that I had to research it myself, and it’s true!

Pet Toys From Simply Fido Are Certified Organic
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Some of the chemicals used as pesticides are among the most toxic classified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Those chemicals are absorbed into the air, water, soil, and into the cotton plant. Add to those all the chemicals used when treating and dying the cotton and you can see that most cotton fabrics are full of toxins. According to the World Health Organization, 20,000 deaths occur each year from pesticide poisoning in developing countries, and many of them are from cotton farming.

Think about the dog toys that your dog is playing with right now. Many stuffed toys are made with cotton fabric. Rope toys are also made with cotton fibers more often than not. All the chemicals in the cotton are leeching into your dog’s system as he chews and plays with his toys. Unfortunately, most parents have no idea that these chemicals are even getting into their dogs’ bodies.

The UDA defines an organic product as:

“An organic product is produced by farmers who emphasize the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to enhance environmental quality for future generations. Organic meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products come from animals that are given no antibiotics or growth hormones. Organic crops are grown without using most conventional pesticides; fertilizers made with synthetic ingredients or sewage sludge; bioengineering; or ionizing radiation.”

Pet Toys From Simply Fido Are Certified Organic
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Simply Fido uses organic cotton in the making of their products, and they also do not use any harmful chemicals or substances in their processing either. They use a low-eco impact dye process that generates less waste and contamination than the traditional process of dyeing. The company is even concerned with the environmental impact that the packaging of their products will have. Each of their dog products is housed on a handmade backcard that is made from recycled material.

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Simply Fido also offers their Rubb ‘N’ Roll Line of premium 100% natural solid rubber chew toys. They are durable and flexible while also being biodegradable and non-toxic. They are FDA approved as well. These toys are a great choice if your dog shreds plush toys. These are just as healthy and eco-friendly, but much harder to destroy.

Simply Fido toys can be order from many online retailers including Eco Dogs and Cats, Only Natural Pet Store, Organic Pet Boutique, and many others. You can see the company’s website for a full list of retailers and you can order wholesale through their website as well. You can also find Simply Fido products at select pet specialty stores around the country.

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