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This Pet Store Only Sells Raw Dog Food and Natural Pet Products

This Pet Store Only Sells Raw Food and Natural Products
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Dog-Gone Raw is a retail store in Hamilton, Ontario that specializes in selling raw pet food and all-natural products for pets. As the craze for healthier products sweeps the human retail market, the pet industry is following closely behind. Although there aren’t as many products offered for pets yet, there is still a wide variety of raw, organic and natural foods as well as many organic and natural supplements and products for pets on the market.

Owners of Dog-Gone Raw want to provide products that will foster the health, development, and overall well-being of our beloved pets. A health food store for dogs is certainly a unique niche, but you may be seeing the trend grow quickly. Typically the pet market follows many of the same trends as the human retail market, and it is already proven that the health and wellbeing trend will be as beneficial for dogs as it has been for humans. It’s no doubt that pet health food stores are sure to start popping up all over the place.

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Dog-Gone Raw is proud to offer high quality frozen raw dog food to pet owners in Hamilton and surrounding areas. Raw dog food, although still a relatively new concept to many pet parents, has been gaining a lot of popularity among dog owners over the past few years. Dog-Gone Raw is hoping to educate more pet parents about the benefits of the diet and offer top-quality food to those that are already feeding their pets raw food.

This Pet Store Only Sells Raw Food and Natural Products
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Raw food has been the top canine diet choice for racing sled dogs and racing greyhounds for many years. Although decades of research have been done, we still don’t have any solid proof that raw dog food is the best diet for canines. However, promising documentation seems to show that a raw food diet for canines improves their overall health and adds longevity to the canine's life.

Raw dog food boasts the potential for giving dogs healthier skin, shinier coats, higher energy levels, smaller stools, and cleaner teeth. Dog-Gone Raw carries top quality raw pet food products from Canadian-based companies. They carry products from Chef's Choice Raw, Healthy Paws, Big Country Raw, Iron Will Raw, Mountain Dog Food, and Doggie Diner. Dog-Gone Raw also makes and sells their own brand, with flavors including beef, chicken, lamb and salmon with added kelp and supplements.

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One thing that I really like about the raw food diet is that pet parents can choose to feed it daily or add it once or twice a week to their pet’s normal food regiment. This will give their dog the added benefits of the diet, but save the pet owner from having to purchase raw food all the time. Raw food is much more expensive than dry kibble, but if it is mixed with a high-quality kibble it will still provide a lot of the nutrients that commercial pet food diets lack.

Dog-Gone Raw also carries a wide variety of treats and supplements, along with canned fish, fish oil, pumpkin and other products that will add essential minerals and vitamins to a dog’s regular diet. They sell a variety of products that offer natural protection for your dog against fleas and ticks as well. These products include SHOO-TAG natural flea and tick protection and Flea & Tick Essential Oil Spray.

As a special bonus for their customers the store even offers bulk food options. Bulk orders must be placed on Saturdays and can be picked up the following Wednesday. Hours are selective right now, as the business is just getting off the ground, but hopefully Dog-Gone Raw will fill a much-needed gap in the Hamilton community and they will grow quickly.

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