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PetcoNow Partners With Instacart to Offer Store-to-Door Delivery

Petco Partners With Instacart to Offer Store-to-Door Delivery
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Last month Petco announced the launch of PetcoNow, the world’s first on-demand delivery service in the pet specialty retail category. There are similar services for human needs including groceries, clothing and accessories, and even prescription medications, and now pet parents can finally have the supplies they need for their furry friends delivered right to their front door.

The pet retail giant partnered with Instacart, a company that allows consumers to order groceries online, to make the venture happen. Until now, the company only delivered grocery items. They connect consumers with a Personal Shopper who will handpick groceries and produce at local stores, or the consumers’ favorite retailer, and deliver them straight to their doorstep.

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Instacart was founded in 2012 in San Francisco and quickly expanded to 15 cities across the country. They now partner with more than 50 grocery retailers including Costco and Whole Foods, as well as many local grocers like Bi-Rite and Fairway Market. Their claim to fame is that your groceries, or in this case pet supplies, will be delivered in less than one hour.

Petco Partners With Instacart to Offer Store-to-Door Delivery
Photo: Instacart

Brad Weston, Petco EVP and Chief Merchandising Officer, says that in today’s world, customers expect to have everything at their fingertips. As a society we are used to getting almost anything with just the click of a button, and we like it that way. He says that Petco represents an evolution in the way customer service and quality pet products are provided to pet parents.

In his statement Weston also goes on to say that by combining the company’s 50-year heritage, retail footprint, and expertise with strategic partnerships, they are able to ensure that they stay at the forefront of innovation in the world’s ever-changing pet marketplace.

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PetcoNow is available already in select cities including Washington D.C., Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Miami, Los Angeles, Houston, Denver, Chicago, Boulder, Boston, Atlanta, and Austin. It provides customers with a wide selection of about 13,000 Petco products including all food (wet food, dry kibble, frozen, fresh, and freeze-dried), toys, treats, as well as a wide variety of supplies for pets ranging from cats and dogs to birds and fish.

Apoorva Mehta, founder and CEO of Instacart says that the company is proud to partner with Petco and excited to allow their customers the ease and convenience of on-demand delivery. The company is thrilled to be expanding the offerings already and is looking forward to introducing it to additional markets later this year.

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