Review: PetSafe Dancing Dot Cat Toy

The best cat toys provide entertainment and mental stimulation. Mental stimulation is important to enrich your cat's life and keep his brain sharp. The PetSafe Dancing Dot Cat Toy helps to keep your cat entertained and active.

Interactive toys get your cat up out of his bed and give him some much needed exercise. Research shows that over half of the domesticated house cats in the United States are overweight. Not only is this sad because it's detrimental to a cat's health, it's also a completely preventable health condition.

Studies have also shown that increased mental activity leads to greater mental health, attention spans, and learning capacity. Interactive cat toys, like the PetSafe Dancing Dog Cat Toy, provide an easy way to keep your cat's mind engaged while entertaining him at the same time. They also allow your cat to do some brain training when you're away from home and he gets bored.

PetSafe Dancing Dot Cat Toy Review

dancing dot cat toyThis toy is basically an automatic laser pointer. A lot of people entertain their pets with laser pointers, but this toy doesn't require you to hold down a button to operate it. This means that you can keep your cat busy while doing chores around the house or even while you're gone to work.

PetSafe uses a certified class 1 laser that is completely safe for your pet to play with. You can use the one-time play mode that consists of one 15-minute session or the extended play mode that consists of one 15-minute play session every 2 hours over a 6-hour period (for a total of 3 play sessions).

This automatic cat toy uses randomized laser patterns to keep your cat engaged. I thought my cats would get bored chasing a laser back and forth, but the Dancing Dot Cat Toy makes the laser go back and forth, side to side and around in circles. My cats have never gotten board while playing with this toy.

You can see our cat, Otis playing with the toy in my video review (and in the photo above). He loves this toy, and so do some of other cats. One of our dogs even enjoys chasing the laser around!

If you have a particularly lazy cat, he may not enjoy it as much. We also have one quite timid cat who doesn't enjoy playing with this toy.

The toy uses 3 AAA batteries, which are not included. You can purchase a Dancing Dot Cat Toy for $21.95 on Amazon. I believe that this toy is a great value for the money spent. It's affordable on virtually any budget, and would make a great cheap gift for any cat owner.

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