Image platform Pinterest has long been a source of inspiration for active internet users and social media addicts. The amount of interesting ideas, articles, photos and do-it-yourself instructions are endless. There is literally something for everyone. These Pinterest pages for dog owners are filled with great ideas for DIY projects, photos of homemade dog food and treats, and tips for caring for our furry friends.

Best Pinterest Boards For Dog OwnersWhat if I told you that there are amazing Pinterest boards for all us dog owners, ranging from the downright interesting to extremely informative? I took my time and went on a dog hunt to find the best Pinterest has to offer for all dog owners and their pets. What I found was the mixture of cool, amazing, useful and downright crazy!

These are only a few examples of what Pinterest offers for pet owners. You can always search boards of your favorite breeds, restaurants that are dog friendly in your area, and local dog parks. The list is endless, and in no time you will have your own boards worthy of a visit from other pet parents. So start one today, and start collecting the good stuff!

Take a look at our own Top Dog Tips Pinterest collection of doggy boards where we have everything collected for dog owners, from tips to best dog supplies to odd photos.

20 Best Pinterest Pages For Dog Owners

Two funny dogs riding a motorcycle

0. Top Dog Tips

I'll admit, I might be biased here, but we do love our Pinterest board and think it is one of the most extensive collections of tips, advice, photos, images, reviews and advice for dogs and their owners out there on Pinterest. You name it – and it's already there!

If you're looking for cool photos of dogs, I recommend you check out “Dog Photography” board. If you want to know if some dog products or dog supplies are worth the purchase, check out “Dog Supplies Reviews” board. Most importantly, we have two unique boards – “How To Advice for Dog Owners” which is full of extensive step-by-step articles with videos on anything dog related, and the “Best Videos for Dog Owners” which is self-explanatory.

Our best and most visited boards:

Have fun browsing! There's enough to keep you busy for a long time. Now, onto the rest of the cool stuff for dogs and owners that Pinterest offers today…

1. Dog Breeds

A dog is doing acrobatic tricksThe first board I stumbled upon was dedicated to a lot of information regarding the different dog breeds that are out there, and boy are there A LOT. There are plenty of articles about every type of dog and all their quirks on this Pinterest page.

Some of my favorite articles include:

  • Best dog breeds for running
  • Hypoallergenic dogs
  • Best breeds for kids with anxiety
  • Low maintenance dog breeds
  • The least aggressive breeds

If there is a breed you’ve always been interested in, this is the place to go and read about the pros and cons of owning a certain type of dog.

2. Dogs Are My Favorite People

As dog owners this goes without saying, most of us get on better with our dogs than with other humans. They love us without judgement and are always a whistle or call away. This board is amazing. I think a lot of your time will be spent here.

A few interesting articles this board has to offer are:

3. Dog Treat Recipes

French yorkie dog serving foodAs dog owners we like to know what goes into the treats we give our furry friends. Well, why not make your own? This board has so many great ideas, you might be tempted to try one of these for yourself:

  • Scooby’s stew for dogs
  • No bake peanut butter dog treats
  • DIY 3-ingredient dog treats
  • Homemade doggie cake

…with so much to choose from even the pickiest dog won’t turn up his nose!

4. Dog Funny

Who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh? We all love the antics of our dogs, but here is a board that will have you howling and in fits of giggles. No wonder dogs are a natural antidepressant! If you’re ever having a bad day just head over to Dog Funny and watch your frown turn upside down.

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Top Best Pinterest Boards for Dogs and Owners

5. Dog DIY Projects

Dog accessories and items can sometimes be really expensive. Thank goodness there’s an option of making them yourself. This is one of the Pinterest pages for dog owners that will definitely tickle your creative side. Even better when you know Fido will look adorable sleeping in his brand new pallet bed.

This board is filled with projects like a DIY heating pad, DIY dog food canister and even DIY dog slush boots! So, the next time you have a spare minute head over to Dog DIY Projects and pick something fun to make. You’ll love it and I’m sure Fido will love it even more!

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6. Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

Dog is dressed like santa clausSome days you just have to sit and scroll, staring at adorable dogs from all over the world. Dogs,Dogs,Dogs have the most beautiful pictures. All you have to do is sit and enjoy with a cup of coffee.

7. Dogs & Puppies

If you want to up the anti and enjoy dogs even more, this is one of the best Pinterest pages for dog owners. It is an absolute cuteness overload! I always say that in life when you are sad, just add a puppy!

8. Dog Training Tips

These are a few of the articles available on this board. Dog training is something that has to be done every day, consistently, for life. Our dogs thrive in an environment where they learn new things and get to impress their people. And with the help of Dog Training Tips, a day won’t go by without you having new ideas to teach your favorite four legged friend.

9. Dog Accessories

Mugs, dog tags, collars and even rain jackets. Dog Accessories has everything your pup needs to look fashionable, and a few things for yourself. To order any of the accessories just click on the article and you’re good to go!

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Hilarious pit bull jumping up in the air

10. Dog World Newspaper

This is one of the best Pinterest pages for dog owners as it shares amazing news about dogs from all over the world. You’ll love reading about what these puppers get up to and how they make the world a better place. Some of the articles share best in show and dog championship news. They’re absolutely jaw dropping!

11. Dog Quotes

Dog (noun). The best friend you will ever have. A loyal, loving companion that cares for you more than himself. A special creature whose time in your heart will far outnumber his days on earth.

Dog Quotes has some of the most beautiful sayings about our furry friends. If you’re ever looking for inspiration this board is where it’s at.

12. Gifts For Dog Lovers

Puppy funny photo from the backYou can’t spend all your hard earned money on your dog. This board has a few things for your four legged friends, but most of the gifts are aimed at people. There are beautiful things you can buy for yourself or for a friend who loves dogs.

13. Dog Food Recipes

As with the dog treats, the same can be said about the food we give our dogs. This board has a lot of recipes you can try, until you find something Butch loves.

I’m sure a few of the recipes you’ll be enjoying just as much! All the ingredients are natural and healthy. So it won’t be weird if you steal a bite.

14. Dog Grooming 101

Groomers can be expensive, and sometimes we just don’t have the time to get our dogs there. That’s why this is one of the best Pinterest pages for dog owners. Knowing a few basics can help the stretch between grooming appointments.

Top Dog Tips' Dog Grooming Basics 101 board has everything for an aspiring DIY groomer. There’s even an article about dogs that don’t like being groomed and what to do about it. Definitely a handy article when you have a difficult dog who doesn’t like water.

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Cool dog hanging on a tree branch

15. Rescue Dogs

This might be a small board, but there’s nothing more special than a rescue dog. You may think you’re saving a dog, but at the end of the day they end up saving you. There’s also an article on how to perform CPR on a dog. Something I think everyone needs to know.

16. Dogs [Photography of Animals]

Amazing dog photo in the natureThis page features the most beautiful photography of dogs. You will definitely be spending a lot of time here.

Most of these dogs are more good looking than I am, and that’s okay with me!

17. Dog Tips

Scoop that poop was the first pin I saw, and I knew this board was going to be on my list of the best Pinterest pages for dog owners. There are tips for everything, including:

  • How to stop your dog chewing on the furniture
  • removing dog pee from your carpets
  • reasons to never yell at your dog

There are even tips for things you didn’t even know were an issue! Trust me, whether you're an experienced dog owner or a first time pet parent, you'll find something beneficial on this Pinterest page.

18. Dog Health Tips

Bad dog shame with dark eye mug shotThis board covers the entire spectrum of taking care of your dog. There’s a very nice article on how to make a DIY First Aid kit for your furry friend.

This Pinterest page is insightful, even if your dog doesn’t have any health issues. Some pins you may find interesting include:

  • Common ailments in senior dogs
  • Why puppies need deworming
  • Tips on how to help a dog to lose weight.

19. A Dog Can Dream…

This board has the most expensive doggy things around. You and your dog can sit and dream and maybe start saving up for some of the cool stuff there is to offer. You'll find a dog bar, high tech accessories and so much more.

20. New Dog Owners

Many of you may not be new dog owners, but for those who are here’s one of the best Pinterest pages for dog owners that will meet your needs! It has tips and tricks for helping your new puppy settle in. And, even if you aren’t a new owner, there are plenty of interesting things to read. There’s always a lot more to learn when it comes to our favorite pets.

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