PoLoo Is the World's First Automatic Toilet for Dogs
Photo: PoLoo

You read the title correctly. There is an automatic toilet for dogs available on the pet market right now. It sounds silly, but it’s actually one of the coolest (and strangest) products I’ve seen for dogs. PoLoo is an automatic dog toilet that was originally created to help protect pets from contracting urinary tract infections.

Urinary tract infections (UTI) can be caused by bacterial colonization when a dog holds his urine for too long. Holding their bladder for a long time, like when you’re gone to work for 8-10 hours each day, can also cause the bladder to stretch. This can lead to long term damage and may be linked to the inability to control the bladder with age.

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PoLoo Is the World's First Automatic Toilet for Dogs
Photo: PoLoo

This doggy toilet comes in two forms – fixed and portable. The portable version allows you to plug in the unit anywhere there is electricity. The top of the unit is covered with artificial turf. When your Fido goes to the bathroom, the PoLoo channels the dog poop into an airtight bag that you can easily dispose of. Water and urine are go into a sealed container that can be discharged via a pump system.

The fixed version needs to be installed near water and power supplies and near a drain. There is a water inlet hose that attaches with a ¾-inch female hose thread and connector. It can be directly connected to a shut off valve with a ¾-inch diameter as well. There is a waste outlet that needs to be connected to a drain.

This device is a great option for dog owners who work away from home or pet parents who live in the city and aren’t able to walk their dog multiple times each day. It’s also ideal for pets who don’t like to go out in the rain or other inclement weather.

PoLoo connects to a smartphone app as well. I know what you’re thinking – “Why would you want a smartphone app that tracks your dog’s bathroom activities?” It’s actually quite beneficial in monitoring your pet’s heath.

Bathroom patterns are one of the most obvious indicators that your dog is having health problems. The PoLoo app will notify you when your pet uses the bathroom. If, for example, he begins urinating frequently you’ll be aware of the issue even if you’re not at home. You’ll also receive pictures of your dog’s feces, so you can take immediate action if something doesn’t seem right.

PoLoo Is the World's First Automatic Toilet for Dogs
Photo: PoLoo

The device works via your home’s WiFi connection. It analyzes data and sends you alerts when necessary. It will not only inform of you of when your pooch goes to the bathroom, but it can also send alerts if the water is low. The PoLoo also makes getting urine and fecal samples for your vet much easier too.

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There are three versions of the PoLoo that will be available to consumers. The Siler version is 12V electric, self-cleaning and includes the WiFi adapter. If you choose to step up to the gold version you’ll also get access to the PoLoo app for iOS or Android and the dog health monitoring system. The Platinum version also includes external carbon fiber.

On March 15th the company will be launching their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. After over 1 year of hard work, the creators of PoLoo are hoping to raise enough money through the campaign to begin commercially manufacturing their devices. Right now the production is limited and every piece is made by hand. PoLoo devices are made in Italy.


  1. You need a video to display how the product works. As it stands now, it seems like it can get pretty gross. (If I understand it correctly) And, getting a dog to step on top of it would be challenging.

  2. Hi Tim,
    the Video is coming on march 15 on Indiegogo Campaign. Dogs get use because on the artificial grass on the first 2 weeks you put an attractant spray and they can get easily use.
    How is working is easy. The dog attract by the spray goes and after that the sensor see that is far away the machine start to work. It cleans the artifical grass, separe the solid from liquid and if is the fixed version all go into the drains. If it is the portable version when you come home/on boat ot campervan you disharge liquid using a special pump and the solid are already closed in a packet ready to put in the waste.


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