Provide Safety and Security with a Dog Barrier

Road tripping with your dog can be a lot of fun. I love taking my dogs out for adventures or on short trips to the grocery store. They love to ride, and I enjoy the company and seeing them happy. No matter how often you take your pet for rides or how far the ride may be, securing your dog is the best way to keep her safe in the car.

Car harnesses and pet carriers work great, but they aren’t as comfortable for large breeds as they are for small and medium sized dogs. Many pet owners let their dogs sit in the back seat of their car or in the cargo area of their van or SUV. This way their dog has room to stand up and lie down, and she’ll also have a little space to move about freely. This is a great idea, but what happens in the event of an accident?

Dogs can become dangerous projectiles in the event of a car crash. They can also be the distraction that causes the crash if they are allowed to roam freely about the entire vehicle. Pet barriers are the best way to keep your pet securely in the backseat or the cargo area of your automobile. It can be tough to find a barrier that fits your vehicle, but you don’t need to worry about that with a pet barrier from Travall. They are custom fit for your vehicle’s specific make and model.

This vehicle specific dog guard will fit much more securely in your car than any similar product, as it is designed for the exact dimensions of your vehicle. The oval profile frame used by the company is much stronger than the traditional round or square steel tubing used in most other similar products. It’s also equipped with welded steel mesh that was chosen to offer optimum rear visibility.

The barrier is completed with a super tough nylon powder coating in a neutral metallic grey color. It will match the interior of virtually any vehicle. Travall’s patented designs also allows for uninterrupted side curtain airbag deployment. The safety of your family and passengers will not be sacrificed by installing this device.

As you can see in the video, the manufacturer states that this guard can be installed in minutes. It doesn’t require the use of permanent fixtures that would leave holes and unsightly scars in your vehicles interior. You can also choose to purchase the optional divider (shown in this video) to keep two dogs separated while driving or leave room for your shopping purchases without interfering with your pet’s comfort.

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