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Raw Performance Offers Dog Owners a Much Healthier Alternative to Commercial Kibble

Raw Performance Offers Dog Owners a Much Healthier Alternative to Commercial Kibble
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Many dog owners have begun feeding their canines a raw food diet recently, and one dog food company is happy to help out. Raw Performance Dog Food provides wholesome top-quality raw pet food because they believe that every dog should have the opportunity to eat the same type of diet that they would get in the wild.

Like humans, dogs are happier, healthier, and more energetic when provided with the correct diet. Many commercial dog foods are full of additives and fillers that have no nutritional value at all. The Products from Raw Performance are an antidote to these preservatives and fillers found in commercial dry dog food brands.

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A natural raw diet is easier for your dog to digest and allows them to absorb all the nutrients that the food has to offer. Also, since there are no added carbohydrates or starches in raw food, there will be no tartar buildup on your dog’s teeth, and their teeth will also be much whiter. Other benefits include a healthier coat, reduced allergies and skin irritation, better smelling breath, and your dog will poop less.

All food from Raw Performance is made from 100 percent CFIA certified, Canadian, human-grade, antibiotic, and hormone-free meat. The company offers many different formulas and gourmet blends that use various protein sources, and they all provide a balanced and complete diet for all breeds.

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Once the food is made, it is frozen immediately to ensure that customers get the freshest meat possible, and it comes in 1 pound, 2 pound, or 4 pound containers. The food is full of natural fats, proteins, minerals, and vitamins that will ensure your pet’s health and happiness.

Since there are so much more nutrients in a raw diet, you don’t have to feed your dog as much raw food as you would dry kibble or commercial wet dog food. Customers can get the recommended feeding amounts on the Raw Performance website, but the amounts vary from 1/3 of a pound of food daily for a dog weighing 5-20 pounds to 3 pounds per day for dogs weighing over 110 pounds.

Thousands of pet food items are recalled every year, and sadly thousands of dogs are also reported as becoming sick or dying from eating tainted commercial pet products. Raw food gives dog owners peace of mind and lets them know that their dogs are eating natural healthy food similar to what they would find in the wild.

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