Cannabidiol, or CBD, has been shown to have some remarkable health benefits for pets, just like it can have amazing health benefits for people. CBD oil is an essential derived from the Cannabis plant.

It’s not psychotropic and has no THC so your dog won’t “get high” from taking it. Here are just some of the many reasons CBD oil is good for dogs:

1. Seizures

Dogs who have epilepsy and suffer from seizures have responded very well to a treatment regimen that includes CBD. It can decrease the number of seizures and lower the intensity of seizures too.

The medications that are usually prescribed to prevent seizures in dogs, phenobarbital and potassium bromide, can be very damaging to a dog’s kidneys and liver.

In several studies dogs treated with CBD oil instead of those harmful drugs saw a big drop in the frequency and intensity of seizures.

CBD seemed to work particularly well for dogs that didn’t respond well to other medications.

2. Nausea

Dogs with chronic nausea can become dehydrated quickly and face other serious health problems stemming from their nausea and inability to eat.

Nausea like this often occurs in dogs that are being treated for health problems like cancer. CBD oil can help dogs recover their ability to eat and it can help stop vomiting.

3. Anxiety

There are human trials where CBD oil has been shown to aid in anxiety; however, we are aware the evidence for improving anxiety in dogs is scant.

Dogs that get stressed out being left home alone and dogs that are anxious about things like the mailman coming or storms have responded very well to regular CBD oil treatments.

Anxiety is becoming a big problem for dogs, especially dogs that are left alone for long hours. But prescription drugs used to treat this anxiety can lose their effectiveness over time.

They also don’t work for a large number of dogs.

But studies and trials that have been done using CBD to treat anxiety in dogs show that it does work for the majority of dogs participating in the studies and trials.

And it has no harmful side effects that could lead to other problems.

stressed dog

4. Stress

Stress in dogs can lead to destructive behaviors like chewing, biting, barking, and aggression among others. But routine doses of CBD oil are helping many dogs lower their stress levels and stop exhibiting behavior that is rooted in stress and anxiety.

Stress can cause many physical problems in dogs as well, but regular use of CBD oil can minimize the impact of stress on a dog’s body and mind.

CBD for Dogs

5. Back Pain/Joint Pain

As they get older many dogs, especially large breeds, develop back and joint pain. CBD is a very effective and safe way to give dogs back their mobility without a lot of medications that can cause serious side effects.

There are supplements that can help manage back and joint pain but none have proven to be as effective at relieving chronic pain in dogs as CBD.

6. Symptoms Of Cancer

To date, there are no published clinical studies that prove CBD oil can reduce cancerous cells in dogs.

However, there are human trials where CBD oil has helped manage cancer symptoms and cancer treatment.

Just like medicinal marijuana can help cancer patients alleviate pain, nausea, and other side effects that come from cancer and cancer treatment CBD oil can potentially be effective in helping dogs that are fighting cancer.

CBD oil is a safe and side-effect-free way to help dogs deal with the pain of cancer.

dog in pain

7. Pain

It’s not just cancer and arthritis pain that CBD can alleviate. There are currently studies in humans as well as other animal models where CBD oil has been shown to reduce pain.

Having said that CBD can be a safe general pain reliever for dogs who suffer injuries as a result of an accident, training too hard, or performing work tasks like herding sheets on a farm.

If you like to take your dog running or biking, your dog can have pain from these intense workouts.

CBD oil is a safe way to possibly aid in your dog's pain relief and make sure they are ready to go when it’s time for another workout.

Farm dogs and other working dogs may respond well to CBD oil to eliminate pain caused by changing weather or the impact of the daily tasks they do.

8. Inflammation

Inflammation is something that affects a lot of older dogs as well as dogs who have been abused and suffered injuries.

Generalized pain can cause dogs to be aggressive and destructive. But CBD oil treatments can help reduce inflammation and eliminate that pain.

Diet, weather, and other factors can also cause inflammation which can lead to chronic pain for dogs.

CBD oil is an easy and cost-effective way to potentially provide relief from inflammation and widespread pain relief for most dogs.

9. Heart Disease

Heart disease is one of the most common diseases in dogs, and CBD has been shown to improve circulation and heart health in vivo (performed in a living organism) and could save lots of dogs from suffering each year.

There is no cure for heart disease in dogs. But reducing the dog’s weight, making sure that the dog gets enough exercise, and regular CBD oil supplements may help bring a dog’s hypertension under control and help alleviate other heart problems.

While CBD oil alone won’t eliminate heart problems, it can be used effectively with these to keep your dog’s heart healthy and strong.

How To Give CBD Oil

There are several ways to give CBD oil to dogs: you can mix it with food, present it as a treat or even put it directly into their mouth.

Over-the-counter CBD oil supplements come in two forms: pills and liquid. The dosage goes by weight, so you will need to have an accurate weight for your dog to know how much CBD oil to give.

Both pills and the liquid are equally effective. It’s really a matter of choice as to which one you want to use.

Some dogs are fine about taking pills but don’t like liquid medications. And other dogs prefer the liquid to the pill.

Find out your dog's weight and write it down so you will be able to figure out how much CBD oil your dog should get.

Method #1: Present it as a treat. If you’re using pill supplements you can wrap the pill in a treat like a bit of cheese, bacon, or pill pockets and give it to your dog. There is also plenty of “calming treat” you can find on Amazon.

Method #2: Mix it in with their food. If it is in liquid form, put the correct dropper amount onto their food. If it is in pill form, you can also open the capsule and sprinkle it on your dog’s food.

Just be sure if you use this method that the dog actually eats all the food. A good way to give CBD oil in food is to use canned food.

Method #3: Place it directly into their mouth. Liquid CBD oil for dogs can be given orally by using a dropper.

If in liquid form this will take some practice as you have to do it in a way where the dog does not gag. You don't want to administer it too far into their mouth.

If your dog is wise to the treat maneuver and manages to eat the treat and spit out the pill ask your vet to show you techniques you can use to make sure the dog swallows the pill.

Or check out some of the many YouTube videos that show dog owners how to get their dog to take a pill and swallow it instead of spitting it back out.

It might take a few tries to figure out the best way to administer CBD oil to your dog but once you figure out what method works best for your dog it will be a quick and easy process to give your dog a CBD oil supplement.

CBD for Dogs

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