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Redbarn Pet Products Releases Canned Patés for Dogs

Redbarn Pet Products Releases Canned Patés for Dogs
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One of the best things that dog owners can do for their pets is to feed them a high-quality, well-balanced diet. Whether that comes from commercial or homemade food, it should be taken very seriously. Research is constantly changing, but one thing remains the same; what our pets eat is directly related to their health.

Many popular trends in human food are being rediscovered in the pet food industry. It isn’t uncommon to see gluten-free, grain-free, limited ingredient, high protein, and functional ingredient recipes when strolling the food isles at your local pet store. This idea is what pushed the development of Redbarn Pet Products’ new line of canned patés for dogs.

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Every recipe in the company’s new paté line features natural ingredients and they are all grain-free. The pet food manufacturer has also added functional ingredients to support many common health issues; including immune support, skin and joint health, and weight control.

Redbarn Pet Products Releases Canned Patés for Dogs
Photo: redbarninc.com

Just like the ‘super’ foods that are extremely beneficial to humans, there are also quite a few super foods that are great for dogs. Redbarn includes some of these in their paté line, including green lipped mussels which have anti-inflammatory properties, dandelion greens which are rich in vitamins, brewer’s yeast which is full of antioxidants, and salmon oil that has lots of Omega-3 fatty acids. All of these ingredients help to support a dog’s optimal health.

High-quality protein is the first ingredient in every recipe of Redbarn’s patés. The company also limits the number of ingredients in each paté to less than ten, not including added minerals and vitamins. They did this so dog owners could be sure that all the ingredients on the label are beneficial for their dog’s nutrition.

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Howard Bloxam, co-owner of Redbarn Pet Products, says that by adding these functional ingredients, the company is hoping that their patés will offer dog owners a choice of food to meet their pet’s specific dietary needs and health concerns. They offer six different formulas and six different protein choices including chicken, beef, ocean fish, duck, lamb, and turkey.

Bloxam also says that where the ingredients are sourced is just as important as the nutritional content. Redbarn only manufactures their canned food in the United States and this guarantees high standards for quality assurance as well as American jobs. The company’s signature product is their Redbarn Rolled Food, an enhanced food for dogs and cats with over 93% digestibility.

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