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Remarkable New Natural Dog Ear Wash Released

Remarkable New Natural Dog Ear Wash Released
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A new dog ear wash has hit the market that claims to be a revolutionary grooming tool. Dancing Pet Natural Products, a company out of Virginia Beach, Virginia, released the solution that has been proven to work better than the leading homemade remedies and many expensive veterinary washes too. The company claims that their research shows that any ear problems will clear up within just 2 or 3 days.

Lois Gallo, a spokesperson for the company, says that the product gets to work right away, soothing the affected area almost immediately. She says that not only does the product clear up any issues very quickly, but it also has a pleasant odor, unlike many other similar products on the market. The company does stress how important it is to use the ear wash as part of a weekly maintenance routine.

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This product combats fungus, ear mites, infections, and wax build up. If any of these issues are left untreated they can lead to serious ear damage or even complete hearing loss. Most people use homemade remedies like tea tree oil, gentian violet, or vinegar and water, but these treatments can often be too harsh. They can sting or stain your dog’s fur and, as the company claims, they are not as effective as Dancing Pet Ear Wash.

Remarkable New Natural Dog Ear Wash Released
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The all-natural formula means you won’t have to worry about putting any harsh chemicals on your dog’s skin, and there is no alcohol in it (a common ingredient in other ear washes) that will cause your dog’s skin to become dry and damaged. It’s also eco-friendly, as Dancing Pet uses no Sulphate or Phosphate in the ear wash. It is only made with coconut-based and palm-based ingredients.

Dancing Pet Ear Wash can be used on any animal. It works well for cats, dogs, rabbits, piglets, even horses. The company also offers an abundance of information on their website about how to clean pets’ ears. It includes a blog which is filled with useful information to help owners avoid common mistakes that can lead to more serious health issues.

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One issue that they cover in great detail is swimmer’s ear, which is a very common problem with canines that hunt or play frequently in water. It is most common in dogs with floppy ears and thick coats. When too much moisture is trapped in the ear it can lead to yeast, bacteria, fungus, or wax buildup. Dancing Pet Ear Wash works to break apart the buildup and dry out the inner ear.

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