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TOP #123: Ridesharing for Dogs and Their Owners

Have you ever had a hard time finding a ride home from the airport? Or had trouble getting a ride to bring your dog to the vet? If you rely on ridesharing for some of your transportation needs, it can be very difficult to find a driver that will agree to bring your dogs along. And, unless your pet is a service animal, they’re not typically allowed on public transportation.

Aparna Srinivasan is changing that. She is the founder and CEO of SpotOn, a fairly new rideshare company that is dedicated to getting pets and their owners from point A to point B. Unlike other companies, SpotOn drivers are willing (and excited!) to welcome pets of all kinds into their vehicles.

They don’t hire just any drivers. SpotOn drivers not only have to pass a background check, but they’re also run through the animal cruelty database to ensure they won’t pose a danger to the pets in their care. If your dog has a non-emergency vet appointment, he may even be able to catch a SpotOn ride without you accompanying him.

Obviously this company offers a lot of options that other rideshare options do not. How did Aparna get the idea for SpotOn? And how did she turn her idea into a realty? You’ll find out in this episode, and you’ll also learn more about SpotOn, future expansion goals and how you can book a ride for you and your pet.

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TOP -123- Ridesharing for Dogs and Their Owners

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