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Review: Rusty’s Box Dog Subscription Box

Monthly subscription boxes are all the rage right now. From clothing to food, you can have lots of things delivered right to your door via a monthly subscription program. If you think your dog would enjoy getting a monthly surprise delivery (and what dog wouldn't?), you can choose from dozens of dog subscription boxes like Rusty's Box.

When you sign up for monthly subscription boxes for dogs, the company sends you a package once a month filled with pet products that they choose for you. You get can subscription boxes filled with dog food, toys, treats, clothes and other pet supplies. The best dog subscription box will deliver the highest quality products for the best price.

I tried Rusty's box to see how it compared to other dog subscription boxes that I've reviewed. I wrote this review to explain what you'll get in each monthly box, the customization options available, and to help you decide if it's a good value for the money you'll have to spend on the subscription.

Rusty's Box Dog Subscription Box

Rusty's Box dog subscription boxRusty's Box was created by a Texas-based company, Ripley & Rusty's Adventures. The company sells children books, games, merchandise and other items inspired by their family's dogs. Recently, they released a subscription box option for pet owners.

Each month subscribers receive a variety of healthy treats, snacks and grooming products. You'll also receive a cute story about the family's pets and stickers that show their pets in cartoon form.

Many other subscription box services allow you to customize the products based on your dog's breed, size, allergy preferences, etc… Rusty's Box doesn't have that option yet, but I hope that we'll see it in the future. If your dog has food allergies or very sensitive skin, you may want to look for a box that can be customized to meet his needs.

The products that they use are all sourced and made in the USA, which is important to me. If you are a pet owner with children, they are sure to love reading the stories and collecting the stickers that come in the boxes. Out of all of the dog subscription boxes that I've tried, this one is my children's favorite.

Each box costs $25, and you'll have to pay $10 per box for shipping, which brings the total to $35 per box. You'll get at least $40 in products, so the value is worth the money spent. However, compared to other dog subscription boxes that offer product customization and a higher product value in each box, Rusty's Box isn't the best deal out there.

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 Rusty-s Box Dog Subscription

Options Available
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rustys-box-reviewRusty's Box is a Texas-based company that sources all of its products from the USA. Their monthly box is suitable for all breeds and sizes. Each box contains a variety of healthy dog treats, snacks and grooming products.