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See What Your Dog is Up to with the PetBot

See What Your Dog is Up to with the PetBot
Photo: wirralcaninehydrotherapy.co.uk

If you leave your dog home alone for long periods of time you probably catch yourself wondering what he’s up to throughout the day. With this new piece of dog technology you won’t have to wonder any longer. The PetBot entertains your pet, tracks his location, and monitors his activity all at the same time.

The PetBot comes with a wearable device that you place around your dog’s neck. The PetBot is programmed to follow the device. It will send the information, videos, or pictures to any smartphone, tablet, or computer, so you can track your pet from anywhere in the world.

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The bot is made of a solid transparent material that is covered by a special coating to resist scratches. However, because it rolls around on the floor, scratching is inevitable. That’s why the PetBot also comes with several additional spheres so you can change them in case of severe damage that affects the quality of the videos and photos.

See What Your Dog is Up to with the PetBot
Photo: getpetbot.com

The wearable device works with IR beacon technology, allowing the PetBot to track it with a location sensor. The wearable device will track your dog’s activity throughout the day as well, so you’ll know how much exercise he is getting, when he is eating, and how much he is sleeping.

The device is shaped like a ball, and although it is programmed to follow the wearable device, you can also move it manually with any compatible computer, tablet, or smartphone. The camera, or ‘eye,’ of the PetBot allows you to see what the bot sees. It can also take pictures and videos of your dog and upload them to Dropbox or allow you to share them with friends online.

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Since the PetBot is programmed to follow your pet autonomously, it will interact with your dog on its own giving him stimulation and excitement during the day while you are gone. You can also access the PetBot at anytime while you’re away from home to check on your dog and keep a close watch on what he’s up to. This could be especially helpful while training, because you will be able to see his behavior patterns when you’re not around.

The most fascinating thingabout PetBot is that it runs on an open platform, so programmers can develop their own apps that will be compatible with the device. This way PetBot can have multiple functions and could be programmed to have a new behavioral pattern if someone chose to do that. Essentially you could use PetBot to monitor anything; your children, your office, or even your house while you’re away on vacation.

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