Sherpa Has Created An Extra Level of Safety For Pet Carriers in the Car

A lot of the new dog carriers on the market are specifically designed to be safe in the car. They have seat belt straps and additional features which allow them to secure to the seat of a vehicle in case of an accident or the driver having to slam on the brakes. Not all carriers have these features though, and it’s extremely important to make sure your pet’s carrier is safe and secure no matter how long the ride may be.

Sherpa, a brand by Quaker Pet Group, has created The Safety Suite which gives virtually any make or model dog carrier the ability to be strapped safely into any vehicle manufactured after 2004. It’s revolutionary! Having a loose pet in the car can be a serious distraction, and he could become a dangerous projectile in the event of a crash. The best thing you can do for yourself, your dog, the other people in your car, and every other driver on the road is secure your dog in a carrier or with a vehicle harness or barrier of some sort.

The Safety Suite uses the latch system that comes standard on all newer vehicles. It has two hooks that clip onto the two latch hoops. It’s also equipped with Velcro side straps and a long center strap, which attaches to the front of the device and creates a shelf for the carrier to sit in. Another nice feature of this product is that it can fold up flat against the seat so you can use the space when your dog is not with you without having to unhook the Safety Suite.

Pet carriers are a great way to contain your dog while driving, if he’ll fit in one of course. However, being locked inside a soft crate or carrier in the event of a sudden swerve or excessive braking is a different story. The carrier could go flying and slam into the seat in front of it, or it could end up getting thrown onto the floor. Think of your poor pooch if that happened!

An unsecured carrier could result in more serious injuries than if the dog was just loose and roaming freely around the vehicle. You can pick up the Safety Suite for about $25. If you travel frequently with your dog, I would certainly suggest looking into a product like this. You may be able to find a similar product for less money, but $25 to ensure your pet’s safety seems like a good deal to me.

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