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Slobbr is an App That Will Combine All Goods and Services for Dog Lovers in One Place

Slobbr is an App Where All Goods and Services for Dog Lovers Intersect
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As dog lovers, we are constantly concerned about caring for our canine companions in the best way possible. We seek out the best groomers, the most trusted dog walkers, and other businesses that we can bring our dog to. We take them with us when we travel and bring them to dog parks and outdoor events. Now there is an app to help dog owners find the goods and services that they require to make their pet happy and keep them healthy.

Slobbr co-founder Michelle Fournier owned and operated a doggy boutique in Boston for six years, and she continuously met customers that were trying to find some type of product or service for their dog. She figured there must be an app where dog owners could search for these types of things, but much to her dismay there was not.

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That’s when the idea for Slobbr hit her. She wanted to create and market an app that would merge the dog community, area information, and unique boutique-retail. Her app would be designed for the millions of dog owners that, like their motto states, want to “Live Life With Your Dog.” The app provides the perfect platform for dog lovers to share their thoughts with likeminded people.

Slobbr is an App Where All Goods and Services for Dog Lovers Intersect
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The first product produced from the company will be an iOS app that allows users to post reviews and pictures of great dog-friendly finds including venues, places, products, or just to simply share stories about their beloved pets. As the number of users grows, the searchable content will also expand exponentially.

Slobbr has paired with Google Maps to add a geo-locator component to the information as well. The app will place every dog-friendly hotel, off-leash dog park, pet boutique, and dog-friendly beach on the map, literally.

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Lauren Galvin, co-founder of Slobbr, says that dog people all have a similar mindset and to be able to have a streamlined database that is easily accessible from a smartphone could bring the community even closer together. She says the apps goal is to encourage dog owners to live life with their dogs instead of leaving them at home most of the time.

The partners dream of turning Slobbr into a device that supports local businesses, gives trustworthy information about everything dog-related, and can bring neighborhoods together for charitable events. They believe that this app will revolutionize the dog community and how we interact with one another.

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