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Where’s Nellie GPS Pet Locator App Trying to Grow with the Help of Kickstarter

Where's Nellie GPS Pet Locator App Trying to Grow with the Help of Kickstarter
Photo: kickstarter.com

Unfortunately, many pet owners have experienced the instant heartbreak of a missing dog or cat. Thankfully many of them are not too far away, but it is still devastating when you open the door to call your fury companion and they are nowhere to be seen.

To solve this problem, many pet product and electronic companies are developing GPS trackers that can be attached to pets so their location can be monitored through the use of technology. Now, a new product called Where’s Nellie is seeking to do just that, but they’re making it easier than ever for owners to track lost dogs and cats and they are adding a lot of technology that isn’t available with any similar device.

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Stephen Bell, creator of the product, is using the popular site Kickstarter to help his company raise the money required to finance the device and mass produce it. Kickstarter has helped launch many dog products, and with the recent boom in the pet product industry, it seems likely that Where’s Nellie will get the backing it needs as well.

Bell has realized that all other tracking devices made for dogs have a short battery life, and many of the apps that go with the products only work if the user is getting cell service. So when he created Where’s Nellie he made sure the battery would last for over a year and it is also still functional if the dog owner isn’t getting service with their smartphone.

Where's Nellie GPS Pet Locator App Trying to Grow with the Help of Kickstarter
Photo: thatmutt.com

The Where’s Nellie system comes with a beacon and a plug in base station. The beacon easily attaches to the dog’s collar and communicates with the base station to track your pet wherever it goes. Not only does the battery last longer than a year, but it also warns the dog owner before it needs to be replaced.

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Both the beacon and the base use BTLE, WiFi, and LoRa communication technologies to extend the battery life even farther. The base plugs into wall outlets, your car, or a USB charger. The battery for the base will last more than 24 hours for remote use while hiking, camping, and exploring.

The app is simple to use and pinpoints your dog’s location with the use of Google Maps. Users only need to touch one button to be given their dog’s exact location. It allows you to track multiple dogs at once and also uses cell and BLTE technology.

Owners of the device can also use Google Maps to create a safe zone, and the system will alert them when the dog leaves the area. The safe zone can be changed at any time to meet the owner’s needs while traveling or camping.

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