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Kickstarter Helping to Launch a New Dog Toy

Kickstarter Helping to Launch New Dog Toy
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A dog toy company based in Cincinnati, Ohio is launching a campaign to manufacture their latest dog toy design. With the help of Kickstater, a global crowdfunding platform whose mission is to bring creative projects to life, Zigoo is hoping to have their Nutty Jar dog toy on the market sometime later this year.

Like all other Zigoo products, the Nutty Jar will be a safe way to give your dog the treats they crave. The Nutty Jar is specifically for peanut butter, but the company does offer other dog toys for different kinds of treats as well.

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The Nutty Jar is made of non-toxic, chew-proof, dishwasher-safe material. Pet owners are able to fill the jar with peanut butter and then screw on the lid. This makes it easy to fill and easy to clean, unlike many other treat dispensing toys. To make the snack extra healthy, dog owners can also add chunks of apples or carrots to the peanut butter.

Zach Day, the founder of Zigoo says that he has thought about trying Kickstarter in the past, but things just never quite fell into place. Because finding the funding to manufacture and distribute new merchandise can be very pricey, it gave Day the motivation he needed to try Kickstarter for the first time.

Kickstarter Helping to Launch New Dog Toy
Photo: kickstarter.com

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He said there is a lot of prep work involved with the program, from nailing your pitch to recording the perfect video to compel backers, and now he’s just hoping that other dog lovers will adore his idea as much as he does. If the campaign is a success, backers of the Nutty Jar will probably receive theirs sometime in August of this year and retail availability will follow closely after.

Along with the Nutty Jar, Zigoo also manufacturers the Crinkit which is a chewable sleeve that turns empty water bottles into safe chew toys for dogs. They also produce the Veggout. It is a chew-based device that distributes carrots or other crunchy treats to the canine. They also offer the Boing dog toy which is a tug and throw toy that is easily cleanable.

The company won an Innovation Award from the group Cincinnati Innovates for their first dog toy, the Crinkit, back in 2012. All their toys are available for purchase at independent pet stores around the United States, but Day hopes his products will eventually get picked up by chain retailers in the future.

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