Why This New Chew Toy is Safer for Your Dog

Dr. Karen Becker explains how the Clever K9 dog toy will keep your pet entertained for hours and it is incredibly safe any size dog. Even if your pet is an aggressive chewer, this toy will stand up to their strong jaws.

Like many other interactive dog toys, the Clever K9 can be stuffed with healthy, tasty treats so your dog will be distracted for a large chunk of the day while you are gone from home. Chew toys like this one are a great way to keep your pet from getting bored when you’re not around to entertain them.

Along with amusing your dog, this chew toy offers a way for you to provide healthy treats to your pup without them just gulping them down. The Clever K9 stimulates your dog’s brain, gives them the oral stimulation that they require, and is a great alternative to quick treats that will be devoured in seconds.

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