If Your Dog Likes to Chew Water Bottles This Toy is For Him

Does your dog love the sound that an empty water bottle makes when he crunches it? I know a few dogs that like that sound, our puppy included, but it doesn't take them long to puncture the bottle and then start ripping it into pieces. Because the plastic of a bottle is so thin, your dog doesn't need to be an aggressive chewer to easily ruin one.

We've tried the plush toys that cover bottles in the past, but our dogs rip those fairly easily as well, so we just figured it would be easier, and less expensive to just stick with the empty bottles. Zigoo has created a dog toy that will solve this problem. The Crinkit is perfect for average chewers that love to chomp on empty bottles.

All you have to do is stuff your own empty water bottles into the Crinkit and let your dog have fun. They are bouncy and they float, making them ideal for interactive play as well as individual play. This is a great alternative to cloth or canvas water bottle toys, which get ripped quickly. They are also much more durable than plush squeaker toys; however with the constant crunching of the bottle they are equally as annoying.

The material that the Crinkit is made of is free of BPAs or Phthalates, and contains FDA approved ingredients. These are made in the USA, in my home state of Maine to be exact, and they are available in two sizes: 16.9 ounce and 8 ounce. The 8 ounce smaller Crinkits are great for small and medium breeds, and the 16.9 ounce size is ideal for large and extra large canines.

These patent pending dog toys are made of a soft material that is easy on the teeth and gums, making them perfect for senior dogs or dogs with dental health issues. They are also easy to clean, as you can place them in a dishwasher without the dry cycle. The company even offers a great tip on their website to make the water bottles last longer. If you stuff some old t-shirt material into the bottle it will make it more durable so your Fido can't destroy it as quickly.

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