This Store Provides Pet Owners With Healthier Alternative Products in a Unique Way

Brad Kriser was introduced to all-natural pet food by his cousin in 1998. It didn’t take him long to see the positive effects that it had on his dog, and he wanted to pass the health and wellness information on to other dog owners as well. He decided to open a store that strictly sold only natural pet products and food.

Kriser’s Natural Pet began in 2006, and has grown into a chain with 27 locations in four states including Illinois, Texas, Colorado, and California. Their newest location opened at the end of last month in The Woodlands, Texas. The stores mission is to help pets live healthier, happier lives through the use of natural pet products.

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The stores colorful interior brings people in, but it’s the customer service that keeps them coming back. Kriser’s staff is expertly trained to educate pet owners about the benefits of using natural products. The goal isn’t to just sell merchandise, but to help pet owners understand the products that they are using and how they can best support a natural lifestyle for their animal companions.

The natural pet foods that they sell do not contain any wheat, corn, or soy byproducts. They only sell food that offers high-quality whole food ingredients and that do not contain chemicals, unusable fillers, artificial preservatives, or additives.

This Store Provides Pet Owners With Healthier Alternative Products in a Unique Way

They also sell gentle, non-irritating grooming products as well as treats and supplements from trusted all-natural brands. Each month the store promotes a particular brand and offers a discount to customers on their products. The store in The Woodlands also offers grooming and hopes to host rescue groups on the weekends.

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Kriser’s also holds pet birthday celebrations every month. Customers can register their pet’s birthday on the website and once a month the store holds a birthday party for all pets born that month. Every pet that attends the event gets a goodie bag and their owners receive a coupon for 10 percent off their purchase.

The store’s uniqueness and strive to give both pets and pet owners the best service possible, is what has allowed the company to grow so quickly. In fact, Kriser’s was named the Best Overall Multi-Unit Retailer at the Global Pet Expo this year. It was the second time they have received the honor in the last three years.