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Protect Your Dog From Predators with The CoyoteVest

Small breed dogs can easily become scooped up by predators such as hawks and coyotes. They are also attacked by other dogs more often than large breeds. If you think your dog needs protection from predators, check out The CoyoteVest. It’s a fashionable new accessories designed to keep your Fido safe.

Like many pet products, the idea for this device came out of necessity. As Plato once said, necessity is the mother of all invention. Paul and Pamela Mott came up with the idea from The CoyoteVest after their pet dogs were attacked and killed by a coyote. The Motts live in Scripps Ranch, California.

Protect Your Dog From Predators with The CoyoteVest
Photo: The CoyoteVest

I think the vests make your dog look like he’s a member of some kind of doggy punk band, but the spikes are specifically designed that way for a reason. The vest won’t necessarily help your dog fend off predators, as his head and legs are still exposed, but the Mott’s believe that it will buy some time until you can intervene.

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The CoyoteVest is made of Kevlar, which can resist canine teeth. It has 13 plastic spikes down each side of the back and 12 1-inch spikes around the collar. The vest is also equipped with 3 sets of nylon bristles that shoot up along the center of the dog’s back and neck.

These bristles are specifically designed to get into the eyes and mouth of the predator. The brightly colored spikes may serve as an initial distraction to the predator, and they will also make it painful if the attacker tries to simply bite down on the dog and run away with him.

The small amount of time that the vest will buy your dog should give you time to intervene as long as you’re keeping a close eye on your pooch. Predators are most likely to attack at dusk or after dark. Your dog should never be unattended while outdoors, but I know that isn’t always the case.

We own 10 acres of property and our dogs are trained to stay in the yard. They often wander around outside alone. If this is the case in your family, just remember that no pet should be left outside unattended after dark. Not only is the danger of predators stronger at night, your dog has more of a chance of getting kidnapped at night, and it is more likely that he may get hit by a car that isn’t able to see him in or near the road.

Protect Your Dog From Predators with The CoyoteVest
Photo: The CoyoteVest

Paul said that the initial idea was to create something that would protect his own dogs, but he quickly realized that the idea would be able to save other dogs too. The couple has begun to sell The CoyoteVest via their online store. To date they’ve sold over 120 of the canine accessories.

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If you don’t think that the standard CoyoteVest will offer enough protection for your pet, you can spend an extra $60 on the Coyote Zapper system. It is a safety system that uses electricity to shock the attacker and force him to let go of your dog. This electric system can be turned on and off via a handheld remote.

CoyoteCollars vary in price depending on the size, but they start out at $26.95. You can purchase a set of CoyoteSpikes for $19.95 and the CoyoteVest for $69.95. The CoyoteWhiskers can be purchased separately as well. They’ll cost you $19.95. If you’re interested in equipping your dog with the full ensemble, you can buy the CoyoteVest Starter Pack for a mere $109.85.

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