Home Dog News The JustFed Pet Bowl Keeps Fido’s Feeding Schedule Consistent

The JustFed Pet Bowl Keeps Fido’s Feeding Schedule Consistent

The JustFed Pet Bowl Keeps Fido's Feeding Schedule Consistent

“Who fed the dog?” – it's a question that gets asked a lot in our home and probably in yours too. Dogs can be tricky. They know how to look at you with that “I'm so hungry” face so you think their belly is empty. However, it's likely that another member of your family already fed Fido, and he's just trying to get a second helping.

That's what would happen in the Cameron household, until Karl Cameron created the JustFed bowl. It's a revolutionary new dog bowl that allows you to start a timer when you feed your pet. Other members of the family can glance at the bowl when they want to feed the dog, and they'll be able to tell exactly when the pup had his last meal.

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It's really hard to keep your dog's schedule straight when you're busy. It's especially difficult when the responsibilities are shared between multiple family members. In our home, we share the dog feeding responsibility with our children. As you can imagine, there are many times when no one can figure out who fed the dog and when the feeding occurred.

The JustFed Pet Bowl Keeps Fido's Feeding Schedule Consistent

Now we keep a white board on the wall above our dog's dishes. When someone feeds the dogs, they record the time. Essentially, the JustFed Bowl does the same thing. The built-in technology lets you know when someone else has already given the dog his meal.

It's a very simple solution to a problem that occurs in many dog-owing households. The design is simple, too! This bowl would blend in with any home's decor, unlike many other technologically savvy pet products.

Also unlike other dog-related technology, the JustFed Bowl is very easy to use. You don't have to program it. All you have to do is press the button when you feed your pet – it's that simple! The patent-pending timer will automatically reset and record the seconds until your pooch eats again.

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With a removable insert, this dog bowl is also easy to clean. The insert is made of stainless steel, which means it is dishwasher safe. I also like that this product is much less bulky than an automatic pet feeder, but it gives you the same results.

The JustFed Pet Bowl Keeps Fido's Feeding Schedule Consistent

The JustFed Bowl will help cut down on extra feedings, keeping your pup on the diet that he needs to follow. It reduces the likelihood of pet obesity and ensures your dog gets the proper nutrition. Along with not having to worry if your pet is overfed, you don't have to wonder if he's missed a meal either.

The company behind this innovative new product is running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter right now. You can learn more about the device via this campaign, and you can also help back this initiative to get a JustFed Bowl when the first batch comes off the assembly line.

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