Review: The Natural Dog Company Collagen Sticks with Chicken

Recently, more information is coming to light about the dangers of rawhide dog chews. The Natural Dog Company collagen sticks are a great alternative that lasts almost as long.

Research has shown that dogs do not digest rawhide chews very well. According to a recent study, after being in a dog's system for 24 hours, a piece of rawhide is about 85% digested.

In comparison, most foods and treats take about 6 hours to be fully digested in the canine body.

For this reason, pet owners are starting to look for rawhide-free dog chew options. The Natural Dog Company collagen sticks are a great choice, and they are even wrapped in chicken for added nutrition and flavor.

The Natural Dog Company Collagen Sticks with Chicken

The Natural Dog Company Collagen Sticks

About 70 to 90 percent of the tendons, ligaments, and muscles of a dog are made up of collagen. That means that these chews will benefit joint health as well as help with joint pain caused by arthritis or age-related issues.

Collagen also helps in the process of breaking down proteins and soothes the lining of the stomach. Collagen can help to seal the protective lining of the gastrointestinal tract by forming connective tissues.

I'm sure you've heard of this supplement being used in anti-aging and skin care products. That’s because collagen makes up the dermis layer of the skin.

This means that these chews can also help restore moisture and promote skin and coat health.

The Natural Dog Company is a small family-run company in Colorado. Maybe it's my Maine girl roots, but I love supporting small businesses whenever possible.

They offer hundreds of natural, single-ingredient dog treats and chews, including ears, organs, yak chews, bully sticks, and bones.

These collagen sticks are sourced from grass-fed, free-range beef. The ingredients used to make them are beef collagen, beef, chicken, vegetable glycerin, and gelatin. This means they are less processed and easier to digest than rawhide chews.

As I mentioned, these chews are made from the dermis layer of the hide, which is made of about 70% collagen. They are wrapped in a layer of chicken to tempt your dog and improve the flavor.

The Natural Dog Company collagen sticks contain about 60 kcal per stick.

They are available on the company’s website for $5.60 each, and you have to buy in quantities of 25.

The cost per stick is a little higher than similar products, and having to buy in bulk will make it even more costly. If you'd like to get these snacks for your pup, it may be better to find a local retailer that stocks them.

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