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The Royals Go to the “Dogs”

The Royals Go to the Dogs

For all of us that are enthralled and enamored with the Royal family, there's now a new “Queenly” trend hitting the marketplace. We can dress our pooches (whether they are Royal butt lickers or ones that actually deserve the title of Royalty) in this finery fit for a Queen or King.

The Royal Collection Trust (that is responsible for selling other collectible items such as crockery) has now launched a pet line. The items include fine bone china bowls embellished with 24 carat burnished gold and the Royal crest, Hunting Stewart tartan coats, a bandana collar, beds, a squeaky dog bone toy and a handmade fleece blanket.

The Royals Go to the DogsPlus, you can even tidy up your pooch in style with your very own grooming tools. There's an 11-piece range to choose from including a double-sided grooming brush. Once your wee pup is all dandy, you can add an engraved “Buckingham Palace” collar to his furry neck…the other dogs will be so jealous.

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The Royals Go to the DogsNot only are these accessories smashing, but the proceeds from their sales will be invested by the RCT charity into its projects to care and conserve the Royal Collection. This is set to fund a £37 million ($52,588,100) improvement program to transform Windsor Castle and also the Palace of Holyroodhouse. Part of this renovation even includes the 14th century undercroft at Windsor Castle being transformed into a restaurant (part of the biggest renovations since the fire of 1992).

Although, visitors mostly likely will not be allowed to bring their canine companions for a spot of tea at this restaurant (no matter how tartan-trendy they are), it adds a whole other level of tourist fun to the experience. Who wouldn't want to brag about dining in the palace?

The Queen has recently turned 90 (April 21st) and over her lifetime has owned a dog-gone huge number of canines – 30 in fact. She has favored the Corgi breed since she was a young girl and still has two of these short-legged dogs; Holly and Willow.

In addition to her purebred pooches, the Queen also has two Dorgies (Candy and Vulcan) which are a lovable mix of her trademark Corgi breed and a Dachshund.

The Royals Go to the Dogs

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Surprisingly, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed was in danger of dying out, but thanks to the Queen's pictures of her pooches trending on Instagram (often dressed up in canine couture) The Kennel Club reports this breed has increased by 54 per cent in the first half of 2015. This huge surge in popularity directly coincides with the some 250,000 people following Instagram’s four favorite dogs, which includes the Queen's own cute Corgi called Willow.

A tartan trending doggy line, a new palace restaurant, and saving a beloved dog breed is certainly a huge task for a women who just turned ninety. What other amazing things can we look forward to from her Highness? Perhaps a diamond encrusted crown for our favorite furry friend? You never know…

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