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The Woofstick Isn’t Your Average Dog Toy

The Woofstick Isn't Your Average Dog Toy

Dogs and sticks go together like peanut butter and jelly. But, unlike ordinary sticks found in nature that can splinter and cause damage to your dog's mouth and intestines if swallowed, the Woofstick is an innovative and safe new dog toy. It can be used for exercise, training and just plain fun!

With the Woofstick, you have total control over where the dog toy goes. No more looking for Fido's rubber stick toy in the weeds or a wooded area because he failed to bring it back to you. So, what makes Woofstick so innovative?

First, the adjustable 10-foot cord can be used to train your canine companion. You can also use it to encourage him to run, jump, pounce and play. It comes attached to an easy-to-grip wand.

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Second, the cord is attached to a soft dangling bone-shaped toy, which even has a special slot to insert your pup's favorite treats. This makes playtime or training sessions even more rewarding. Lastly, you won't ever have to grab onto another slobber-covered stick or throw toy again.

In addition, Woofstick wants you to keep Fido hydrated, so they've included a collapsible water bowl and an easy-to-store and carry shoulder case for your Woofstick. It's perfect for taking this soon-to-be favorite toy with you and your dog wherever you go.

This toy is being recommended by the ASPCA and dog trainers that have used it with great results.

Playing fetch and other interactive games with your dog is not only a great way to bond with her, but it reduces her chances of obesity and the many ailments that can come with that condition. Veterinarians recommend between 30 minutes and two hours of daily exercise, depending on the breed, age and health of your dog. This can include walks or jogs around the block, playing fetch in the park, hiking, swimming or just a good romp around the yard.

With Woofstick you can introduce a new way of playing that will keep your dog's attention while she's working off all those extra calories. Veterinarians not only recommend daily activity for your canine companions to help reduce weight issues, but it is also good for your dog's digestion and can even help relieve constipation.

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The Woofstick Isn't Your Average Dog Toy

Dogs that are constantly bored, also tend to exhibit destructive behaviors such as digging, chewing and scratching. By getting your pooch outside and enjoying some action-packed fun, these behaviors may be eliminated totally. Is your dog hyperactive? Once again, a regular exercise routine will help burn off that excessive energy and help to calm your dog's nerves.

Many times dogs, especially those toy breeds, will bark or whine way too much. Try getting her out at least once-a-day and see how much that annoying behavior is curbed. Sometimes dogs exhibit this behavior purely because they lack the attention they are so desperately seeking.

Dogs aren't meant to be pent-up or to be lazy couch-hogs. Grab a Woofstick today and get Fifi or Fido moving again. This toy is not only fun for them, but it's fun for you. Give it a try. You won't be sorry.

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