This Funny Video Proves There’s Always One Odd Ball In The Group

15 dogs patiently wait for their food and one has a mind of his own. This video is quite amazing, because this woman has managed to train her large dogs to get along around the most exciting and territorial item in their life – their food. Dogs have been known to kill each other over food and she was clever enough to train them to wait to be called.

It’s amazing how patient they are. As each dog walks over gingerly to get their dinner, one has a chip on his shoulder. He seems mad or maybe he’s looking at a bird he wants to have for dinner. Perhaps he is always called last and he’s sick of it. None of us like being picked last and maybe his feelings are hurt.

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As the woman calls their names one by one, it’s incredible how well they all respond. These dogs don’t even flinch when the other names are said. This woman has some really great training skills, if you ask me!

Anyone who owns multiple dogs knows that feeding time can be hectic, especially if they are dogs with lock jaws or that have a serious size difference. Many dogs have to be separated in order to eat peacefully without fighting.

These dogs can eat side by side with dignity because their owner spent the time to work with them so they could all get along.

There’s Always One Odd Ball In The Group, Watch This Funny Video

I couldn’t stop laughing at the one dog at the end of the video who didn’t go with the program. There’s always one in every group who has a streak of independence, and maybe he was doing it for extra attention. Dog’s can be pretty smart, especially when they are competing for attention.

Do you think the dog knew what was going on the whole time? What funny antics do your dogs do around feeding time?

If you’re having trouble training your dog, consider taking him to behavior school or hiring someone to come to your house and work with you. Dog trainers understand the type of positive reinforcement dogs need in order to get them to be as obedient as the dogs you see in this video. Make sure you’re giving yourself peace of mind by having your dog training up to speed!

I love these heart warming videos with dog lovers like this woman who is a mother to so many happy dogs. If she can raise that many, how hard could one be? We can be inspired by her diligence and commitment to spending time working with her animals. I bet they also help keep her happy too.

Imagine 15 dogs smiling and wagging their tails to greet you when you came home? It would be like having your own fan group! Now that’s a fun idea! Do you know people that have a lot of pets or dogs? Were you impressed by this woman’s training? And seriously though, how funny is that dog?

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