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Watch Ziggy The Greyhound In Hilarious Digging Frenzy

Watch Ziggy The Greyhound In Hilarious Digging Frenzy
Photo: Facebook / Vicki Boxell

April is National Adopt A Greyhound Month and what better way to celebrate than to highlight a fabulous adopted Greyhound, enjoying life as a real dog for the first time. Meet Ziggy Stardog – a retired rescued racing Greyhound, fortunate enough to be adopted by a Greyhound savvy family (and foster failure), who has allowed her (yes, her) to just be a silly dog.

And what do silly dogs like to do? They love to DIG! Ziggy is channeling her inner puppy in this video that cracks us up! While it seems like she is digging to China, or whatever country is on the opposite of hers, she's just being a rambunctious Greyhound who is finally able to let loose.

Greyhounds do everything with all of their heart, including digging.

This is no half-hearted dig; this is her excavating. This is a dog that can dig the hole needed to install a swimming pool in your backyard. Need a basement or storm shelter dug? Call Ziggy. No need for a backhoe, or digger, Ziggy to the rescue!

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If you have ever watched an innocent child running without a care in the world, that’s Ziggy. Sheer joy at her endeavor. Ziggy is enjoying life. Ziggy is being a dog. Dogs play, they bark, they wag their tails happily, they chase butterflies and yes, they DIG!

This silly pup has us all smiles watching her. She is so thrilled with her new pastime and the work she was able to accomplish in such a short amount of time.

Her delight is the best part. Well, the speed in which she tore into that dirt is pretty darn good too. But the wicked grin she has when her owner tells her to stop finally, is priceless. Of course she didn’t stop. She was just getting started. It’s not over until Ms. Stardog tells us it’s over.

Greyhounds have a tough life in the kennels and in the racing industry in general. Ziggy Stardog is one of the lucky ones. Once retired, she was sent to a foster home instead of euthanized as surplus.  Fabulous rescue groups across the globe like work tirelessly to help these magnificent dogs in need.

Watch Ziggy The Greyhound In Hilarious Digging Frenzy
Photo: Facebook / Vicki Boxell

If you have never had the good fortune to share your life with a Greyhound, put it on your bucket list as a dog to rescue one day. These silly happy-go-lucky goofballs are a unique breed and do not require all of the extra exercise most people think they do.

They love their stuffed toys, love a good walk, love to play and are basically bedheads the rest of the time. Snuggling is their middle name – be it the biggest squishiest dog bed they can find or the sofa or your comfy bed. Greyhounds are the proverbial play hard, rest hard kind of dogs.

They are playful and puppy-like long into their frosted face senior stage, but it is more in bursts of goofiness, like Ziggy and the ultimate dig. That soft sandy dirt was no match for Ziggy. Even her rescued brother Bear, the other Greyhound in the video, was all “WHHHHHATTT???”

He was afraid to get in that frenzy. But not Ziggy Stardog, she hit the dirt with reckless abandon. She wanted to dig, and boy did she dig!

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