When you’re trying to secure pet medications, many considerations come into play. For example, visiting your vet is always an option. Still, it typically costs a fortune to have medications prepared, especially if they require a wellness check before they’ll give you any of your dog’s medications.

On top of that, sometimes you don’t need an actual prescription; supplements can improve your dog’s wellbeing but don’t require a vet trip to be fulfilled.

If you’re looking for a reputable, safe, and affordable option for an online medication site, consider the following 6 websites.

pet medication sites

Top 6 Online Pet Medication Sites


The Vitahound website is a comprehensive and thorough medication site designed to help your dog’s overall health and wellbeing. You’ll find affordable products, ranging from Vitahouse’s general supplements for health to specific care products.

From hip and joint care, you’ll find glucosamine and HA liquid and total joint health products. You’ll also find products for eyes, ears, oral care, skin and coat, stress and anxiety, flea and tick, and more.

The supplements are affordable, sold in packages of 30 days or longer depending on the product.

With countless 5-star reviews from satisfied customers, VitaHound.com has established itself as a reputable company delivering high-quality products. The entire process is efficient and connects you to the supplements your dog deserves. 


From supplements to prescription medications, 1800PetMeds has you covered. Browse the website for the supported medications, add them to your shopping cart, and checkout. The website will ask you for your billing, shipping, and payment information during this process.

At this time, you’ll be asked to provide information about your pet and veterinarian information. 

Once you’ve purchased your items, the website will contact your vet directly to ask for approval on the items purchased. When that’s received, the order is shipped directly to your home.

1800PetMeds offers a one-stop-shop, complete with supplements, vitamins, beds, supplies, and more. You’ll be able to access everything you need for your dog in a quick and easy location. A money-back guarantee backs everything.

If your pet doesn’t love the product you’ve purchased, return it for a full refund.

With their refill reminders, comprehensive customer service, and high-quality products, 1800PetMeds is a fantastic online medication website.

California Pet Pharmacy

With free shipping on all orders over $100, California Pet Pharmacy is an easy-to-use option for pet owners needing medications filled. Visit their website and browse through their available prescription options.

Locate the product desired and add the items to your cart. Upon checkout, you’ll be asked to submit your veterinary information and pet details. The website will confirm the script with the doctor and will submit your order for processing.

California Pet Pharmacy offers expedited overnight shipping options, so your pet will never be without medications. Most orders are shipped from the facility within 24-72 hours.

The website is a fully licensed and accredited pet pharmacy. Located in Hayward, CA, they specialize in pet health care products. All products are available for use in the USA and ship to all 50 states within the United States.

Unlike other websites, California Pet Pharmacy specializes in pharmaceutical items for pets, meaning you won’t find other products among the medications.

Their prices are available per pill, per vial, or bottle, depending on the product.


Although BudgetPetCare may not sell prescription medications, they are an online retailer of affordable pet supplies. They strive to ensure that high-quality medications are accessible and available to all pet owners without breaking the bank.

All products available are backed by industry professionals, the same quality products you’d find at the veterinarian offices in your neighborhood.

All orders are shipped out for absolutely no charge, with an email confirmation when the order is placed and shipped.

The entire website is backed with SSL certification, making it a secure platform for all of your purchases. With most orders arriving within 10-14 days, this website is a comprehensive pet supply company that puts pets first.


Originally founded in 1998 to connect pet parents with affordable medications for their animals, PetCareRX has developed into a full pet pharmacy and supply provider.

The website is a licensed pharmacy with all medications approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. The company also ensures that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approves all flea and tick products. 

You’ll never find expired or foreign medications, and it’s the same product found in your veterinary office. Any prescription medications ordered will be confirmed with your animal’s veterinarian before shipment.

If there are refills on the product, you’ll be able to reorder under your account. You can also set up an auto-refill for any prescription medication, meaning you’ll never have to remember when to reorder—it will simply show up. 


Offering everything from treats, chews, prescription medications, and vaccines, Allivet is a one-stop website that has everything you’ll need to keep your pet healthy.

They offer free shipping over $49 and a fast reordering option for those pets requiring daily medication. Established in 1992, Allivet has been servicing pets as a pharmacy efficiently.

To order prescription medications, find the product needed and add it to your cart. The website will verify the prescription on your behalf and will be shipped out the same day.  

The website also offers a host of other products, allowing pet owners to get everything they need from one convenient location.

They offer a 30-day guarantee on all their products, meaning they’ll accept returns for an exchange or refund (except for vaccines or prescription medication).

Unfortunately, due to the personal nature of the purchase, prescription medications are not eligible for refunds.

pet medication sites

Things to consider before purchasing online pet medication products

If you’re new to online ordering of supplements, medications, or prescriptions, it’s important to make sure you’re making informed purchases.

With so many websites available online, it’s easy to get stuck with substandard purchases or products.

An increase in foreign or counterfeit medications means performing due diligence falls on the consumer. This extra effort will keep your pet safe and healthy.

online pet medication

Always confirm if the online pet medication site requires a prescription before purchasing.

Any reputable pharmacy will require a valid, authorized prescription before purchase. This is true for both human and animal consumption.

A website offering prescription medications without confirming the intended dose and duration is probably not a reliable site and should be avoided. 

online pet medication

Confirm an on-site pharmacy for any questions or concerns

Online pharmacies are still required to keep a pharmacist on staff. They are available for any questions or concerns you may have. This includes pet medications too.

A licensed pharmacy will always have a pharmacist on hand to supervise the dispensing. The pharmacist will sign off on any prescription and answer any questions you might have administering the medications.

online pet medication

Look for licensed pharmacies within the United States (or your country of origin)

Any reputable online medication website will be a licensed and registered pharmacy within your country of origin. Always look for confirmation that the website in question has the proper qualification.

This includes a licensed pharmacist. The site should include licensing details or online registrations.

Check online reviews of the online pet medication website.

While it’s important to remember that more disgruntled and unhappy customers will write reviews more often than satisfied customers, looking online before purchasing products can save you a bit of headache and problems down the road.

Consider any negative review and what their major issue was with their product. If there are complaints of counterfeit medications or illegal medications, browse another medication website.

Look for words like foreign, counterfeit, fake, or bogus. 

online pet medication

Consider the return policies of the online pet medication site.

Customer service is an important part of any company, especially for a site that functions solely online. You will learn if it is a reputable online pharmacy, prescription medications are different.

This purchasing sector does not allow prescriptions to be returned or refunded. That’s due to customer tampering and overall safety concerns. If a company does accept prescription returns, it’s important to qualify the website by asking how they handle medications.

Any site that is willing to resell, repackage, or redistribute a medication is not a licensed facility.  

online pet medication

Ask your veterinarian for a suggested online pet medication site.

Many veterinarians are familiar with reputable and professional websites to order prescription medications. If the prescription is a lifetime commitment for the pet, vets know where to go.

If you’re looking at purchasing medications from a specific site, reach out to your vet to see if they previously have any experiences with other clients or customers.

Likewise, if your veterinarian has recommended vitamins or supplements, always ask them where you can find a reputable seller online.

online pet medication

Caution: Deeply discounted medications may be expired

In a perfect world, medications wouldn’t cost a small fortune to keep our pets safe. Unfortunately, markups are common in the health care industry. This happens especially with pet medications.

Online pharmacies and distributors will definitely lower the costs associated with your pet’s medications. It's important to look at a few sites for the average price.  

Some websites will deeply discount expired medications. They try to sell these at a lower price than their competitors.

It’s important to check any medication’s expiry date after you’ve received it to make sure that the dates are still current.

Chances are, if you notice a website is selling medications and supplements for a significantly lower price than other platforms, there’s typically a reason.

online pet medication

When in doubt, throw it out.

If there’s ever a time when you’ve purchased vitamins, supplements, or prescription medications that don’t seem right, it’s always better to err on the side of caution.

Bring any medication you no longer use to a local pharmacy for proper disposal. Most drugs can’t be thrown away into the garbage without risking potential transfer in the soil.

It’s important to contact a local pharmacy to determine the best way to dispose of any medication you have leftover.  

Always follow your veterinarian’s recommendations

It may seem easier to apply more of an ointment or medication than use the prescription as recommended. Remember that just because more product has been administered than required, you should not use it more frequently than recommended.

That’s because certain drugs can cause serious problems if used beyond the intended dose, especially if there is a steroid or narcotic.  

Feel confident in your purchase from an online pet medication site, ask questions

Most online pharmacies have a live chat, email, or phone number to contact any questions or concerns you have with the website. Before purchasing, reach out with any questions you may have about the process.

Genuine websites will have no problems answering any concerns you have, especially if it’s your first time using the platforms. Customer service representatives should be polite, friendly, and responsive to your questions.

Some will have an automated service to answer many frequently asked questions. A quality website will still take the time to assure its customers.

Always make sure to ask customer service about shipping times, import fees, and any restrictions on delivering the medications.  

Find out about the billing information.

Some online pharmacies have restrictions on their billing and shipping addresses. For example, a website may limit prescription purchases to the same household for billing and shipping.

You must live at the same address when you pay for the product is where you’ll receive the product. This may not seem like a big deal.

But if you’re having someone else help you with the purchase, always ask about their shipping policies before purchasing. 

Ask the online pet medication site about their payment methods accepted.

Some online websites will also not allow any purchases using prepaid credit cards, debit cards, or payment processing websites (like Paypal). Depending on your preferences, this could make your order difficult (if not impossible in some circumstances).

It’s always better to investigate any potential issues with payment before purchase instead of facing difficulties after they’ve taken the money out of your account. 

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