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Aww! This Dog Donates Blood to Help Kittens

This Dog Donates Blood to Help Kittens
Photo: Sacramento SPCA

Meet Jemmie, the hero dog taking care of orphaned kittens. This precious pup is donating her blood to create a magical serum to treat their eyes. Who would have thought that one dog could do so much?

Jemmie has her paws full taking care of young kittens who have been separated from their parents. She is really great with cats and makes a great foster parent. But recently two kittens showed up that only weighed one pound each.

One of these kittens had ulcers in his eyes. He is at risk of losing both eyes, so the vet is helping Jemmie donate her blood to make a special eye serum. Jemmie was chosen to donate the blood because the little kitten needs the serum every two hours in order to hopefully save his eyes.

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This Dog Donates Blood to Help Kittens
Photo: Sacramento SPCA

It requires a good amount of blood and a cat is so small it might not be able to provide that much. Jemmie was an excellent candidate, and so far things are working out very well according to the Sacramento SPCA. This is a procedure that has actually been effective for kittens in the past.

The SPCA is the organization that is overseeing the care of these kittens with the help of veterinary professionals. The little kitten was in bad shape, and his eye could have soon ruptured.

They think they will be able to save at least one eye. They will start with antibiotic drops and then give him the serum. He has a herpes virus in his eye, which is what is causing the ulcers.

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Jemmie is a lhasa apso/shi tzu mix, and her ability to help all these kittens is truly remarkable. Not only is Jemmie a hero, but so are the people helping make all this possible at the SPCA. Sarah Veranini is the foster care coordinator at the SPCA. She is familiar with this process of saving kitten’s eyes, and luckily all her hard work for animals is now spreading across the internet so more people can be aware of this type of procedure.

When we see photos of little helpless kittens who are sick and have lost their mother, we realize that just because we don’t see them everyday, doesn’t mean they aren’t there suffering. The internet is helping to remind us not to forget about these sweet little creatures that the shelters are working so hard to help.

As more people are shown these inspiring stories, they will be reminded to volunteer, adopt, donate and share inspiration.

As you watch this video, think about your local community and consider visiting the SPCA. We can share adoption notices through our social media or help out at the adoption events. There’s always something we can do to help.

Hopefully you feel inspired by how much this loving dog Jemmie is helping. We just can’t get enough of her and it’s no surprise her fostering and donating is gaining so much attention online. People love to see selfless acts, because it is in our nature to take care of each other. We feel warm inside when we see humans and animals taking care of each other and we realize that is why we are here.

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