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This Pit Bull Just Made History!

This Pit Bull Just Made History
Photo: Bad Apple Photography

Pit bulls have a bad reputation for being dangerous, but many times our perceptions are shaped by the media. Pit bulls have been portrayed in movies as junk yard guard dogs, but little attention has been given to their hardworking and trainable nature. They are sensitive, loving and hardworking – three traits that all police dogs must have.

Yes, a pit bull that isn’t trained properly can be dangerous, but the same can be said for other dog breeds as well. Just because people have a negative association with pit bulls doesn’t mean they should be barred from helping the boys in blue.

Pit Bulls are starting to be used in police work – a major step forward for the breed.

This one pit bull, Kiah, in Poughkeepsie, New York has just been invited to be a police dog after graduating from her training academy. She was a rescue and showed promising working dog traits. She is loyal and really tries to please her handler.

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This Pit Bull Just Made History
Photo: Animal Farm Foundation

Her handler says that she does tricks and is capable of sniffing out drugs and guns. Kiah is just as capable as a German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois. She is the first pit bull to join the police team in New York!

Kiah is making waves as pit bull lovers are seeing hope for the stereotype around pit bulls to start to be a thing of the past. Animal Farm Foundation is one organization that is working hard to overcome people’s preconceived notions about this breed. AFF is proud that Kiah will be one of their first graduates for police work.

She is even showing great abilities to sniff out humans and can help with missing person cases.

This Pit Bull Just Made History
Photo: Animal Farm Foundation

This foundation and other similar organizations are working together to rescue pit bulls and train them so they can have a home and a job. These dogs are turning a corner because of this. For a long time, pit bulls were some of the hardest to get adopted because people turned their nose up at them. But now that they are saving lives, people are starting to gain more respect for the breed.

Officer Justin Bruzgul, who now has Kiah as a partner, is proud of her and mentions how the breed itself isn’t as important as the dog’s training and willingness to learn. Kiah herself is only 60 pounds but very energetic. Perhaps the energy level of a pit bull actually makes them even more suited as working dogs than other breeds.

Historically, all working dogs were trained and bred to become working dogs. They had to start somewhere. Evidently history is now making a turn for pit bulls and many of the homeless dogs of this breed will now be able to find homes and a purpose. Be sure to share this story as we work together to help this breed overcome their stereotype. Think of it as unfair discrimination and work to end it. Pit bulls are loving, loyal and highly trainable.

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