Home Dog News This Three Legged Dog Will Pull Your Heart Strings

This Three Legged Dog Will Pull Your Heart Strings

A dog with a broken leg was laying in a ditch, about to die, when a woman found her and saved her life. Next time you see an injured animal remember you could be the person that saves their life. Make sure you stop and get help for them. Just look at Zoey’s story and how this amazing recovery has helped so many people.

She had a broken leg and from what the doctor can tell, it had been broken for four months. She was in terrible pain. Zoey's leg was crushed and it wasn’t salvageable.

If you think that was going to stop this tough girl, keep reading!

This Three Legged Dog Will Pull Your Heart Strings
Photo: Dogster / Monica Janning

This kind woman who found her immediately brought her into the emergency vet. At that point, she just thought that Zoey had been recently hit by a car, but they soon realized she had been dealing with a fractured leg for much longer. They don’t know what happened to her.

Although she was found in Indiana, she ended up with an organization in the greater Cincinnati area. Her final home, you guessed it, was in another state! She now lives with a retired school teacher who trained Zoey to be a therapy dog, which was an incredible change considering how traumatized the dog was.

At first, Zoey couldn’t even handle a collar being put on her. Rescue workers didn’t think she would be able to be adopted. Zoey was terrified of men and really shy. But with the love of a new family, she improved.

This Three Legged Dog Will Pull Your Heart Strings
Photo: Dogster / Monica Janning

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Zoey passed a training class with flying colors and her new owner, Monica Janning, enrolled her to become a therapy dog. Now this three legged dog has two dog friends at home and gets to brighten people’s days on visits.

The organization that connected Monica with Zoey who was being called Dawn on the website, is a mouthful to say. Their name is Golden Retreiver Rescue and Adoption of Needy Dogs or you could just call them GRRAND.

They screen applicants who want to adopt dogs, and Monica had been looking for a dog she could turn into a therapy dog as she wanted to help her community during her retirement, especially the veterans who could find inspiration from Zoey’s story. What a nice woman! She went through many steps to get this dog, help her overcome trauma and introduce her back to society.

Now Zoey makes a great companion for children to read with and helps shy children even open up when they notice her leg. No one can resist the warmth and loving kisses this dog offers.

And her amputation isn’t slowing her down. She plays with other dogs as if she has four legs. Just as her life turned around when she was on the verge of death, so can others – humans and dogs. We need to look out for these types of needs in our communities and share inspirational stories like this.

It’s incredible how much love can turn a challenge into a blessing and we are all capable of doing this.

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