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Three Blind Cats Nurtured Back to Life by Two Pit Bulls

Three Blind Cats Nurtured Back to Life by Two Pit Bulls
Facebook / Sherry Stewart

Pit bulls are typically regarded as an intimidating dog breed, probably because of their strong build and muscular appearance. However, this story of two pit bulls taking care of three blind cats at a foster home tells us that pit bulls can also be affectionate and nurturing.

The dogs' names are Alfie and Frankie. Both are rescue dogs in a foster care facility owned by Sherry Stewart. Over the years, Stewart has nurtured more than 80 animals as a volunteer at the Faithful Friends Society animal shelter.

Alfie, a deeply traumatized dog, was found locked in a shack where he was left to starve. If not for Stewart’s timely intervention, Alfie would have been euthanized because of his horrible physical condition. At present, Alfie is undergoing training to become a certified pet therapy dog. Between the two, Frankie is the more affectionate and spirited one.

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Three Blind Cats Nurtured Back to Life by Two Pit Bulls
Photo: Facebook / Sherry Stewart

The three felines, on the other hand, are 7-year old Helen, and the 10-week old sibling kittens named Bruce and Willis. The trio arrived at the Faithful Friends Society animal shelter in the poorest of health, with incurable eye problems.

Helen had bulging eyes because of severe glaucoma. She suffered excruciating pain and her condition affected her balance to a large extent. The two sibling kitties’ eyes were protruding, ulcerated, and completely infected.

The rescue organization decided that the only option left to ease the suffering of the felines and give them a chance to live normally was to remove their eyes. Unfortunately, after a series of complex surgeries, none of the poor cats were adapting well to a life of total darkness.

They were all looking unhappy and dispirited, especially, Helen. Once again, Sherry Stewart came to the rescue and decided to foster all three, together with her two rescue Pit Bulls.

Three Blind Cats Nurtured Back to Life by Two Pit Bulls
Photo: Facebook / Sherry Stewart

At home, Stewart put up a spacious playpen, where the two species hit it off instantly the moment they were introduced. Of the three cats, Bruce (the smallest) was quick to adjust; he found sleeping on Alfie’s back most comfy, as you can see in the photo on the right.

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The much reserved Willis, who was shy in the first few days, has shed off his edginess altogether. He no longer acts distressed and treads around the house happily, with nary a trouble finding things on his own, including jumping into Stewart’s bed.

Thanks to the pit bulls’ fine nurturing abilities, Helen has come full circle adjusting to a life in the dark. She has fared well and grown accustomed to walking up and down the stairs on her own. She even got along pretty well with another foster cat named Hubbell – playing, eating, and taking naps side by side. Theirs was a very special relationship until Hubbell was finally adopted.

All’s well that ends well: the three cats are on the road to full recovery and are now up for adoption. With Bruce and Willis deeply attached with each other, owing to the traumatic episodes they have endured, they must stay together and have to be adopted as a pair. Alfie and Frankie, on the other hand, remain Stewart’s mainstays in nursing back to health foster animals that come through her house to recuperate.

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