Three Legged Pit Bull Rescued Thanks to Facebook
Photo: Dogster / Sandy Hagan

This cute white pit bull needed her leg amputated, and a woman saw her on Facebook and rescued her. Sandy Hagan was scrolling through her Facebook feed and stopped at a picture of Mallory, a pit bull who was in a foster home and had a badly injured leg. Sandy was in Pennsylvania and the dog was in New Jersey.

Before Mallory was rescued, she was lacking medical attention, and a neighbor saved her just before she ended up on the streets. The kind neighbor worked with a local animal rescue organization to find Mallory a foster home.

Mallory had been kept outside and not treated well. She had a horribly mangled leg and it was clear to the doctor’s that it needed to be amputated. She had originally been rescued by an organization called Rescue Dogs Rock. Sandy saw the updates as the cute white dog with black spots underwent surgery to remove the leg that was just hanging there.

Three Legged Pit Bull Rescued Thanks to Facebook
Photo: Dogster / Sandy Hagan

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Sandy watched how quickly Mallory recovered. She says she had a white dog with a black patch on his eye before, but the pet had recently passed away. Sandy was still mourning the loss of her lovable pet, and she felt a special connection with Mallory. After watching Mallory’s story and seeing her photos through her recovery process, she decided to file the paperwork and adopt her.

Now Mallory has adjusted to having three legs and runs with the other pit bull that Sandy adopted.

At first, Mallory needed to build new muscle in order to walk and run easily, but it wasn’t long before she was able to. Sandy really cares for her pets and makes sure they are protected from the elements. She even has jackets for them in case it’s cold. She has fun picking out a funky and stylish wardrobe for them.

Three Legged Pit Bull Rescued Thanks to Facebook
Photo: Dogster / Sandy Hagan

Both of her rescues, Lady and Mallory, entertain Sandy by refusing to go outside when it’s cold or rainy. They both chase after balls, but Mallory especially likes to play keep away. On walks she likes to try to catch birds and squirrels but isn’t successful. Sandy doesn’t worry about her missing a leg, because Mallory does just fine and really runs fast now that she’s used to it.

If you’re interested in rescuing a loving dog and offering him a safe home you can check out your local rescue organizations. Remember that Sandy found Mallory through Facebook, so consider sharing this story and maybe you could be the catalyst for someone else to find a loving dog too.

The process didn’t take Sandy long. She applied for adoption Christmas day in 2013, and Mallory came home with her on January 11th, just about two weeks later.

If you have just one dog like Sandy did at the time, you might want to consider getting him a playmate. Dogs create a strong bond with each other just like humans do. If you have ever had a time in your life where you had no friends your age, remember, it can feel pretty lonely.

It’s always nice to have dogs in pairs. This way they never have to be alone. Depending on the breed, some dogs really get sad and depressed when they are left alone for long periods of time. Most dogs will do much better with another dog to play with.

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