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The Tidy Box Trains Your Dog to Pick Up After Themselves

As parents we teach our children to put their toys away when they are done using them. So why don’t we do the same thing as pet parents? A smart toy box is hitting the market soon that will reward your dog for putting their toys away. With some help from the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter, The Tidy Dog will be available to consumers in the near future.

The toy bin works on a form of currency that your dog knows and loves – treats! The device looks simple, but it’s actually equipped with some pretty amazing technology and a very intelligent sensor. It’s even smart enough to know when your dog is trying to trick it.

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The Tidy Dog uses sensors that can detect the weight of a toy when the dog puts it away. When it senses that your dog has put a toy in the bin it automatically dispenses a treat. The designers believe that this will create a conditioned response and, over time, your dog will learn to put his toys away on his own without needing a reward every time.

The Tidy Box Trains Your Dog to Pick Up After Themselves
Photo: kickstarter.com

The designers claim that it can detect even the lightest dog toys weighing just a fraction of a pound. They have also designed the sensor to be able to detect when your dog is just trying to trick it just to get a treat. Not only will it detect weight, but it also detects small vibrations caused when your dog is just nosing around in the bin.

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In fact, the sensor is even equipped with a 30 second timer, so if your pup takes a toy out and immediately puts it back in looking for a reward, it won’t get one. The device is powered by 2 AA batteries, and is designed so you can either leave it on all the time or turn it on only when you want to supervise clean-up sessions.

The Tidy Dog is designed to work with dogs of varying sizes. Its short height makes it easy for smaller and larger dogs to drop toys in the bin. Also, the hopper holds one cup of treats or kibble so you won’t have to refill it constantly.

The first prototype was created last year with the help of backers from Kickstarter, so hopefully pet owners will see this product hit shelves in the very near future.

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