What are the crossbreed dogs that live the longest?

If you are a crossbreed owner like myself, I'm sure you have also wondered (and wished!) if your pup makes it to the list.

After all, if there is one thing I wished for is for my dogs to live long and grow old with me!

In this article, let us know what crossbreed dogs live the longest, the life expectancy of mixed-breed dogs, and if it's true that mixed-breed dogs live longer than purebreds.Crossbreed-dog-with-long-life

Crossbreed Dogs That Live the Longest: Why and How?

Apart from their size and breed, there are several factors at play in why some dogs live longer than others.

A dog's life span, while mostly determined by their genetics, is also affected by how they were raised and cared for by their owners.

Wellness care is equally important for our dogs to have a happier, longer, and better life.

Many scientists have proven this as they study the life expectancy of dogs in an attempt to determine which one, indeed, lives the longest.

Purebred vs. Crossbreed vs. Mixed-breed

Purebred dogs are susceptible to different diseases that are inherent in their genes.

Brachycephalic dogs, for example, are more prone to breathing problems because of how their noses are structured. Some breeds are also prone to getting eye problems like cataracts.

For crossbreed dogs, these common purebred health problems are somehow ‘watered down' just because they are mixed with other breeds.

Mixed breeds that have no known parentage, on the other hand, are a bit more difficult to predict.

They are also often a mix of more than 2 breeds, so any possible health problems can only be determined thru tests and diagnosis.

But nevertheless, crossbreed and mixed-breed dogs tend to live longer than purebreds.

“Different studies suggest that while purebreds can live an average of 10 years, mixed-breeds can live up to 14 years.”

In all size groups (small, medium, large, and giant), mixed breed dogs live longer than purebred dogs, although the difference is not that large.

The study found that, on average, a mixed-breed dog lives for 14.45 years compared to 14.14 years for a purebred dog.

Large dogs vs. Small dogs

Taking into consideration the different sizes of dogs, mixed-breeds still tend to live longer than purebreds (although the difference is not too significant!)

In all sizes, mixed-breed dogs have an average lifespan of 14.45 years while purebred dogs have 14.14 years.

“Larger dogs can live from 7 to 10 years while smaller dogs can live from 13 to 16 years. bigger dogs tend to age faster than smaller ones.”

Strictly talking about purebreds though, the chief veterinary officer of the American Kennel Club Dr. Jerry Klein said that larger dogs can live from 7 to 10 years while smaller dogs can live from 13 to 16 years.

This is largely because bigger dogs tend to age faster than smaller ones.

Spayed and Neutered Dogs

This research by Dr. Silvan Urfer of the University of Washington (and colleagues) even suggests that having our dogs spayed or neutered can also help in prolonging our dog's life.

Female dogs, for example, can live up to an average of 14.35 years if they are spayed compared to the 13.77 years of average life span if not.

The same goes for male dogs (although the difference was much smaller.) Neutered dogs can live up to 14.15 years and 14.09 years if not.

Good Dental Hygiene

Believe it or not, studies have also found out how having good dental hygiene in dogs also contributes to their overall life expectancy.

Dr. Jan Bellows of the American Veterinary Dental College said that dogs who have their teeth brushed daily can live from 15 to 17 years and only 11 to 13 years if not.

With regular dental care, cleaning, and maintenance, a dog's life can increase up to 5 years.

Top 12 Crossbreed Dogs That Live the Longest

With these in mind, let's now list down the top 12 crossbreed dogs that generally have the longest lifespan.

1. Pug-Coton

This Pug-and-Coton de Tuléar mix tops the list of mixed breed dogs that have the longest life expectancy up to 17 to 19 years.

They are small dogs that can stand at 8 to 12 inches and weigh up to 14 lbs.

Pug-Cotons are bred as companion dogs, and one common health problem they may encounter is Progressive Retinal Atrophy, along with other possible eye problems.

2. PapitesePapitese-crossbreed-live-the-longest

The Papitese is unmistakable for its combination of Papillon ears and Maltese face. This highly social and affectionate mixed breed can live until 18 years.

Even though it is small at 6 to 10 lbs and 8 to 10 inches in height, the Papitese are also prone to getting hip dysplasia (which is usually more common for larger breeds) and Canine Diabetes Mellitus.

3. Pomerat

Another small crossbreed, the Pomerat can only grow up to 12 inches in height and 16 lbs in weight.

This mix between a Pomeranian and a Rat Terrier, if cared for properly, can also live from 17 to 18 years.

Some health concerns to watch out for in a Pomerat are Patellar Luxation, some teeth issues, and the occasional allergy.

4. Skip-Szhu

Although relatively a small hybrid at 13 inches and 15 lbs, the Skip-Szhu is also prone to hip dysplasia along with other eye diseases like cataracts and glaucoma.

But when cared for properly, this rare Schipperke and Shih Tzu mix can also live up to 17 to 18 years of age.

5. Cockapoocockapoo-crossbreed-live-the-longest

Cockapoo, a cute combination of Cocker Spaniel and Poodle, can stay with their owners for 16 to 18 years.

Standing at up to 14 inches and weighing up to 18 lbs, some notable health concerns of Cockapoos are cataracts and ear infections.

6. Jack ChiJack-chi-crossbreed-live-the-longest

This Jack Russel Terrier-Chihuahua hybrid is a fur ball of pure energy that was also bred for companionship purposes.

Jack Chis are small to medium mixed breed that can grow up to 15 inches in height and weigh up to 18 lbs.

Some health concerns for Jack Chis are hypoglycemia, heart problems, and some skin problems. Nevertheless, they can still live up to 18 years.

7. Rat-ChaRat-cha-crossbreed-live-the-longest

Another dog mix that can live from 16 to 18 years is the Rat-Cha, a Rat Terrier and Chihuahua mix.

This alert-looking hybrid can weigh up to 15 lbs and grow up to 16 inches.

Rat-Chas are prone to some diseases including hydrocephalus, dental diseases, and alopecia, among others.

8. Ratese

The Ratese, a mixture of Rat Terrier and Maltese, is a mid-sized dog that can grow up to 13 inches and weigh up to 25 lbs.

Rateses are also prone to getting some bone diseases like hip and elbow dysplasia, as well as dental diseases.

But if cared for properly, they also have the potential to live from 16 to 18 years.

9. Ratshi Terrier

Bred as a companion and as a guard dog, the Ratshi Terrier is a mix between (you guessed it!) the American Rat Terrier and Shih Tzu that can grow to 12 inches and weigh 20 lbs.

Watch out for possible brachycephalic syndromes in your Ratshi Terrier, as well as Urolithiasis and Entropion/Ectropion.

Nevertheless, healthy Ratshi Terriers can potentially live from 13 to 18 years.

10. American Bull Aussie 

A mix between American Bulldog and Australian Shepherd, the American Bull Aussie doesn't do well in cold weather. But they can live up to 16 years when cared for properly.

Originally bred as a working dog, the American Bull Aussie grows up to 25 inches in height and weighs up to 120 lbs.

Bloat, Cushing's Disease, and Elbow Dysplasia are only some of the common health concerns of American Bull Aussies.

11. Bostillon

Also in the running for the crossbreed dogs that live the longest is the Bostillon, a Boston Terrier and Papillon hybrid.

This small breed dog that can grow to 16 inches and 17 lbs can stay with its family for up to 16 years.

Just be careful with their knees as they are prone to getting Patellar Luxation, as well as deafness and cataract.

12. PapijackPapijack-crossbreed-that-live-the-longest

Another dog that can potentially develop the patellar luxation disease is the Papijack, a Papillon and Jack Russel Terrier mix.

Both male and female Papijack can grow from 8 to 12 inches in height and 8 to 18 lbs in weight.

With their boundless energy, Papijack can be your family's source of happiness for up to 16 years.

Long Live the Dogs — Fun Facts!

Although experts label different dog breeds with an average life span (purebreds and crossbreeds alike), some of them are undoubtedly part of the exceptional pool.

As of May 2022, the Guinness World Record named the Toy Fox Terrier Pebbles as the oldest living dog at the age of 22 years old.

Pebbles was born on March 28, 2000, to fur parents and South Carolina residents Bobby and Julie Gregory.

In the history of the Guinness World Record, however, the oldest dog that they have ever verified is Bluey, an Australian Cattle Dog that was born on June 7, 1910, and was put to sleep on November 14, 1939.

Bluey lived for a total of 29 years and 5 months.

But in fact, there's another dog recorded in history that's older than Bluey—no other than Chilla who was actually a cross between an Australian Shepherd and Black Labrador!

In this article from the Beaver County Times dated March 12, 1984, Chilla was born on March 1, 1952, and lived up to 32 years and 12 days in Queensland, Australia.

The lives of Pebbles, Bluey, and Chilla are proof that dogs live the longest when they are loved, cared for, and treated as beloved members of the family.

Long live the dogs!


FAQs on Crossbreed Dogs That Live the Longest

What is the healthiest, longest-living dog breed?

For small breeds, Chihuahua tops the list of longest-living dog breeds.

Small in stature at only 5 to 6 lbs, Chihuahuas have an exceptionally long life that can reach up to 18 years.

Because they are small, they are not prone to many diseases common in larger dogs. However, you still need to keep a look out for certain issues like cardiac and eye concerns, especially in old age.

For mid to large breed size, the Australian Cattle Dog is considered one of the healthiest and also longest-living dog breeds.

They generally live an active lifestyle which contributes to their general well-being.

No wonder the oldest dog ever recorded by the Guinness World Record is Bluey, a 29-year-and-5-month-old Australian Cattle Dog.

Do female dogs live longer than male dogs?

Actually, male dogs are said to live longer than female dogs, generally speaking.

However, gender only has a small effect on a dog's life expectancy, according to a study by Jessica Hoffman of the University of Alabama, et al.

In fact, whether they are spayed or neutered has more impact on their longevity rather than their gender itself.

To make the long story short, an intact male may live longer than an intact female, but a spayed female dog lives longer than an intact male.

Why do dogs age so fast?

If only our dogs can age at the same rate as us! But alas, that only happens in our dreams.

Dogs age faster than humans because they have a different genetic makeup than us.

Their hearts beat faster, their metabolisms work double-time—in short, their bodies work twice as hard as ours.

All that work makes their bodies wear faster, that's why (sadly, I know!) they age faster than ours.

How can I extend my dog's life?

Preventing your dogs from getting any diseases is key to extending their life span. After all, that's much easier than trying to treat any form of sickness they might get.

Some ways to help your dogs live as long as they can are:

  1. Feed them healthy and nutritious food
  2. Take good care of their gums and teeth
  3. Keep them active as much as they can
  4. Mental stimulation is equally important!
  5. Visit your favorite and trusted Vet regularly
  6. Vitamins and supplements, ‘coz why not?
  7. Always keep a lookout—pay extra attention!

Crossbreed Dogs That Live the Longest — Conclusion

Wanting to know which crossbreed dogs live the longest may be part of your process in looking for the best dog companion for your family.

And while there are factors to consider to predict the life expectancy of mixed-breed dogs, it's also important to note that we as owners can do so much for our dogs to live long.

Our dog's lifetime is mostly dedicated to us, and letting them have the best and longest life that they could possibly get is the greatest gift we can give to them.

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