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TOP #126: How To Prepare for the Passing of A Pet

Our pets are part of our families. We become attached to them just like our human children. They’re loyal, loving and become our very best friends. When our pets pass away, it’s just as difficult as losing a human member of our family. This loss can be devastating to a pet owner.

Preparing for the loss in advance can save you added stress and heartache during an already difficult time. Creating some type of legacy for your beloved pet may help you feel better and get some closure after his passing. Many pet owners have funerals for their dogs, some plant gardens to honor their canine companion's memory and others find unique ways to celebrate the life of their pet.

Preparing a memorial, planting a tree in memory of your pet, compiling a photo album or scrapbook, or otherwise sharing the memories you enjoyed with your pet will create a legacy to celebrate the life of your animal companion. Remembering the fun and love you shared with your pet can help you to eventually move on.

Rita Levine recently lead an effort to rehabilitate a pet cemetery in New York. The cemetery had been sold to a developer for back taxes due to poor management. Knowing that thousands of souls were laid to rest in the cemetery, including her own pets, Rita knew she had to do something to save it.

In this podcast she explains more about her journey to save the cemetery as well as how pet owners can prepare for the passing of a pet. She discusses the different options available for burial and how you can make the process a little bit easier.

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How To Prepare for the Passing of A Pet

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