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TOP #127: How To Care for Senior Pets

Like humans, pets are living longer than they ever have before. Thanks to advancements in technology and new discoveries in veterinary medicine, we’re able to take better care of our companion animals. Unfortunately, a longer lifespan means health issues like arthritis, kidney disease and heart disease are also more commonly seen nowadays.

It is our responsibility as pet owners to adjust the care and routine that we provide for our senior pets. Older pets require extra care and attention. As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you start preparing for your pup’s senior years early, you may be able to stave off major health conditions for a few years or more!

The signs of aging slowly creep up in dogs. For many owners, this might be the worst aspect of having a pet. It’s difficult to watch your young, energetic puppy turn into a slow moving senior. But, paying attention to these signs is important. If you act quickly, you can help your pet live a full and active life well into his golden years.

In this podcast episode, I ask Dr. Vedrona Gjivoje to share her tips and tricks for caring for senior pets. She discusses the signs of aging that you should be watching for, how your dog’s diet will need to change as he ages and how to keep your senior pet active. Dr. Gjivoje also shares some recommendations on supplements for senior pets and how to start a conversation with your veterinarian about caring for your senior pooch.

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How To Care for Senior Pets

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