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TOP #130: Sarcopenia in Dogs – What Is It and How To Treat It?

Sarcopenia is a loss of lean muscle mass due to aging. Dogs are living longer than ever before, so more and more dogs are being diagnosed with this condition. Sadly, Sarcopenia in dogs can reduce your pet's quality of life and lead to more serious health problems.

In this podcast episode, I speak with Dr. Albert Ahn, a licensed veterinarian with Orangetown Animal Hospital in New York. Dr. Ahn works with senior pets every day and is very familiar with the causes, signs and treatment options available for pets with Sarcopenia.

Pet owners don't often think about their pet's muscle health. Your pet's overall health and well-being is directly related to his muscle condition. Muscle loss makes your animal weaker, reduces immune system functioning and hinders recovery from illness, injury or surgery. It's important to know the signs of Sarcopenia in dogs and cats and have regular conversations with your veterinarian about your pet's muscle condition.

During this podcast episode Dr. Ahn explains the signs that you should be looking for, what can be done to help pets with Sarcopenia and the preventative measures that you should be taking to ensure your pet's muscles stay healthy. Proper nutrition, exercise and supplements are all essential in order to keep the muscles strong and functioning correctly.

Dr. Ahn is also on the veterinary advisory board for a new product that is designed to prevent muscle loss, accelerate gains in muscle mass and improve mobility. The company, MYOS Pet, has released their Canine Muscle Formula and also offers a lot of great resources on their website to educate pet owners about the importance of muscle health.

Sarcopenia in dogs happens naturally as a dog ages, but it's not something to take lightly. As you'll learn in this podcast episode, senior dogs require personalized care for their unique needs. It's important to bring your senior dog in for regular vet visits, and be sure to discuss the signs of Sarcopenia in dogs with your veterinarian.

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