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14 Toys Your Dog Is Guaranteed to Fall in Love With



Does your dog have a favorite toy? Does he like to carry around one particular item everywhere he goes? If not, and your pooch hasn't fallen in love with a specific item yet, then we have a few great suggestions.

Before we start, here's an example. A dog named Fletcher found an old, deflated, and worn-out volleyball at the house of the friend of his owner, Nicki Wyatt-Park, during a Fourth of July party. The DoDo reported that since then Fletcher hasn't parted with his volleyball, which they aptly named Volley.

Fletcher the dog with his favorite toy
Photo: Nicki Wyatt-Park

His owner told that Fletcher swims with Volley in his mouth and even brings the ball to bed with him. When Fletcher plays with other dogs, he chases after his pals while clutching Volley between his teeth too.

Fletcher and his favorite deflated volleyball
Photo: Nicki Wyatt-Park

Nicki said that Fletcher is so in love with his toy. His owner can't even hold it very long because Fletcher hogs the ball all the time. The dog would only let go of Volley if he's drinking or eating.

Dog Fletcher never parts with his favorite toy
Photo: Nicki Wyatt-Park

Do you have a dog like Fletcher? Experts in a study published on Animal Cognition revealed that dogs could be really attached to their toys, especially for the ones that they can carry around like a puppy or tear like a prey. Some dogs can also be obsessed with balls in their mouth because it is comforting.

Fletcher the dog, his owner and the favorite toy
Photo: Nicki Wyatt-Park

Do you wish your pooch would have something similar – a doggy toy that he deeply loves and wouldn't part with? Here are some of the best surviving dog toys that the majority of dogs have been found to love and play with the longest.

1. Classic Kong

Dog lover Joe Markham invented the classic Kong in the 1970s after noticing that his German shepherd broke his teeth when he constantly chewed on rocks. The classic Kong is this red thing that resembles a snowman and three balls put together. This toy is rubberized and hollow in the middle so that you can stuff it with dog treats to make your dog’s playtime more exciting.

2. Water Bottle and Old Socks

No budget for buying dog toys? There's a number of DIY ideas you can try. For example, using a water bottle and an old sock. The water bottle has a crunchy noise that dogs will go crazy for. The socks, however, protects the dogs' gums and teeth because chewing on the bottle can produce sharp edges. Dog sitters even put dry kibbles inside it so that it’s crunchier to bite. Replace the bottle when it’s already destroyed.

3. “S” Dog Bone

As you can see above, the “S” Dog Bone is designed like a bone but with a slightly curved shape. It is made of thermoplastic material so that it's rubberized and flexible, while still tough against a dog’s teeth. Something about its shape makes dogs go crazy for this toy.

4. Denim knot

Cut up your old and out-of-fashion jeans and turn it into a sturdy DIY dog toy. Select the lower part of the legs and cut it lengthwise from the sides to open it wider. Roll it like a bar and then loop it together into a knot. What's great about this toy is that it has your scent, which your dog will surely love to play with!

5. Chuckit! Ball Launcher

What dog doesn't like to play fetch? This ball launcher will help catapult your dog's favorite ball at a longer distance. He'll be so excited to chase after it and he’ll get plenty of exercise as well.

6. Plush Ball

A plush ball is so soft and safe to play while indoors but plush balls can be played outside too since it is machine washable and easy to clean or dry. This ball is usually made of lambs’ wool.

7. Tether Tug

A Tether Tug is a handmade dog toy that's best to use for outdoors. It is great for active and energetic dogs that need more playtime and exercise. Tether Tug keeps dogs so busy that they won't pay attention to other things in the backyard. They won’t try to dig up your flower garden or chew on the backyard fence because they have this toy to play with.

8. Talking Babble Ball

This ball makes 20 sounds like croaks and chirps, as your dog chases after it. The Talking Babble Ball is about the size of a tennis ball and requires batteries to work. However, it's made of durable material. Drop it on any surface and it will not break. It's tough to even for a Doberman's teeth.

9. Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

Use this interactive ball to keep your dog occupied indoors, so he doesn't have to chew on your shoes or pillows. The Wobble Wag Giggle Ball has a sound tube that emits giggles when shaken, rolled, and moved around. Like most other best interactive dog toys, it’s sure to excite your pet and mentally stimulate him! The ball is also designed with six pockets so it’s easier for the dog to pick it up with its mouth.

10. Frisbee

You can find two types of dog Frisbee in the market, the hard disk or the soft disk. Hard disks might be dangerous for smaller dogs as it can pack a wallop and hurt their teeth or face. Soft disks won't hurt your dogs but it doesn't have much weight to fly higher or cover a longer distance, and there are a number of pet-friendly Frisbee dog toys. Use the hard type if you seriously want to train your dogs for this sport.

11. Frozen socks

There's also no need to spend on this and since your dog likely loves chewing socks, why not make it an actual toy from it? Simply knot your socks into a ball and store it in the freezer. If your dog is bored, the frozen socks will keep him busy for an hour.

12. Flossy Chew Rope

Flossy chew ropes come in a variety of colors and lengths. These are made of a cotton blend material that also helps with flossing the dogs' teeth; it’s perfect for their dental health. With its tug design, flossy chew ropes are also great for a game of tug-of-war, which keeps dogs agile and strong.

13. T-shirt Tug Toy

Recycle your old shirt to create a tug toy along with a tennis ball. This project requires no sewing, you just have to cut some of the cloth, cover the ball with it, tie it together, and then braid the edges, according to the instructions from She Knows.

14. Benebone Chew Toy

Your dog will love this chew toy because it tastes like bacon! The Benebone chew toy is made of nylon and it is safer for dogs than most edible chew toys. However, make sure to pick the right size for your pet so that he won't choke on it.

Toys are fun and dogs are perhaps the only mammals that love to play with toys even when they are too old. This is because toys are mentally and physically stimulating for dogs, so remember this when you’re going to buy or make your dog’s next favorite toy!

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Top 14 Toys Your Dog Is Guaranteed to Fall in Love With

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