traveling with your dog hacks

If you've traveled with your dog at least once, you know it's expensive to transport your pets via cargo.

But not for this lady.

Meet Maddie Young, a Public Relations freelance and fur parent to two dogs from Balham, South London.

Maddie and her 12-year-old pug, Violet, and year-old Golden retriever, Olive, need to relocate and move to Brooklyn as his husband had landed a job in it.

With enough research, however, she was disgusted to find how costly it is to transport her pets via cargo.

“The quotes were crazily expensive,” Maddie exclaimed after receiving an asking price of approximately £12,000 per dog.

“We were limited as airlines don’t like to fly flat-face breeds as they can be more prone to breathing issues – although this is not the case with Violet,” she added.

Struggling to find a cheap and viable option, Mrs. Young discovered a Facebook group that arranges private jet flights for dogs.

“I Googled lots of stuff and found old news articles of people looking at different ways to travel and found a UK to US Facebook group from there,” Maddie explained.

“We paid £10k, including seats for us. But it was £8k in the end as we were refunded for filling the plane,” she added.

What a steal! That's £4,000 cheaper than if she decided to cargo transport her pets.

In Maddie's own words, “It was the cheaper option. It was a no-brainer.”

Maddie Young is traveling with her dog
Maddie Young sits comfortably with two of her fur babies in a private jet. Photo credits to Maddie Young.

Maddie's dogs were treated to dog toys and cookies on the flight.

“All the dogs were super well-behaved. They mostly slept, chilled, and chewed bones,” Mrs. Young said.

“The experience was so smooth. There were eight dogs and 10 humans,” she continues.

The flight lasted for eight and a half hours, and the jet had to make a stop at Canada to make a refuel.