Two Rescues, One Unlikely Friendship
Photo: CBS Los Angeles

They say “opposites attract,” however, they didn't say anything about opposite species becoming the best of friends. But that's exactly what happened for Rex the rescue German Shepherd and a tiny helpless hummingbird now named Hummer.

According to Rex's doggy daddy, Ed Gernon, this canine came from a horrific beginning. He was abandoned on the streets to fend for himself, which lead the dog to become the only thing he could; a feral fighter. He was completely dangerous, beating up other dogs and killing cats. Life on the streets becomes all about survival of the fittest and Rex was determined to do just that.

Despite this fact, Gernon took in Rex and helped him regain his trust in humanity. Surprisingly enough, only one month after his rescue, this once killer dog paid it forward. As Gernon was walking Rex one morning his pooch suddenly halted and would not budge.

What had Rex's attention?

Two Rescues, One Unlikely Friendship
Photo: CBS Los Angeles

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Rex saw a tiny and apparently lifeless hummingbird that was slowly wasting away on the ground. Gernon was surprised to see this bald, helpless creature covered in ants and clinging to life.

But Rex wasn't moving, so his dad stepped in and did something about the situation.

With no other choice in his own mind, Gernon scooped up the helpless creature and began a fascinating journey to rehabilitating this little bird. He fed Hummer every 15 minutes around the clock with a special sugary mixture to help her gain back her strength.

He even taught her how to fly with the help of a blow dryer. Now, one year later, Hummer is alive and well and sticking close to her canine hero. Gernon even leaves doors and windows open in hopes that the tiny bird will spread her wings and fly back out into the world, but she continues to stay with Rex.

Gernon is still in awe over the whole situation and akins it to living with Tinkerbell. Indeed this fairy-like, speedy bird is enjoying the freedom and luxury of the good life. However, this unlikely pair may not be together forever, as Gernon is sure Hummer should be flying off soon to find a mate.

Two Rescues, One Unlikely Friendship
Photo: CBS Los Angeles

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But, for right now, this dynamic duo is content to be in each other's lives, so much so that Hummer even dips in and out of Rex's water bowl for a quick bath. What led Rex to stop that day and not give up? Perhaps, it's the old adage of “it takes one to know one.” Rex came from the tough streets and knew a life of abuse, fear and loneliness.

Hummer was most likely dropped from her nest and left to die. But fate had a different plan…Gernon saved Rex, Rex saved Hummer and the whole world gained two more heroes.

We could all take a lesson from this amazing dog that didn't let the ugliness of humanity change his willingness to be good. After all, a life shared (even with a totally different species) is a life worth living!