Ukrainian soldier saves dog from floods using a pink donut inflatable

Footage of a Ukrainian soldier went viral for saving a dog stuck in the floods by using a pink donut inflatable.

One of the country’s top officials, Anton Gerashchenko, praised the soldier whose identity hasn’t been publicized.

The adviser to the minister of internal affairs of Ukraine tweeted the video on July 10, 2023, and it was viewed at least 36,000 times within hours.

Retweeted by hundreds of people, the video shows the brave soldier making his way to save the struggling dog by keeping himself afloat in a pink inflatable.

A much larger dog can be seen assisting the soldier as he makes his way back to the river bank, where the rescued dog snuggles its head on the soldier’s neck as they walk to safety.

ukrainian soldier saves dog stuck in flood in a donut inflatable
Anton Gerashchenko Twitter (@Gerashchenko_en)

The video ends with the dog getting belly rubs from the soldier in his T-shirt and underwear with a pink donut floaty on his waist.

I like how that big guy just stands there with the pink donut floatie around his waist like it's the most natural thing in the world,” a Twitter user commented.

Trees and pylons can be seen in the footage moving along with the flood currents caused by the bombing of the dam of the Kakhovka Hydropower Plant on June 6, 2023.


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